• AD9246S Evaluation Board --> populated ADC available as Part?

    Dear Analog-Team,

    I need an EM level component for the AD9246S (Evaluation under lab-conditions with a bread board).
    Unfortunately, there is only the high priced version with full qualification available.
    However, there is an evaluation board for the…
  • AD9246S default condition Vref = 1.0V (shall not be used?)

    Dear Analog Team,

    In the Datasheet of the AD9246S  (5962-14227 DRAWING APPROVAL DATE 17-10-11) on Page 40 (6.7.3 Reference configuration)  

    it is mentioned that only the VREF = 0.75V shall be used. Do I understand correctly that the 1.0V (by default condition…

  • Connecting AD8370 VGA to AD9246 A2D in DC coupled mode


    I'm trying to find how to conenct the AD8370 Variable Gain Amp to the AD9246 A2D working at 2Vptp mode.

    The connection should be DC coupled. THey got diffewrent common mode voltage levels so this problem should be solved.

    I contacted technical…

  • RE: AD9254 EVAL

    Hi Mohit,

    The 14b AD9254 is pin-compatible to the 14b AD9246 so you may be able to use the AD9246 VA setup canvas to evaluate the AD9254. The AD9254 is also pin compatible with the 12b AD9233 with the exception of the two LSB pins 45&46 which are No…

  • RE: 微信焦点(第5期):五个步骤,教您设计出最佳ADC前端!



    AD9246是一款单芯片、1.8 V单电源供电的14-bit、80 MSPS/ 105 MSPS/125 MSPS模数转换器(ADC),内置采样保持放大器(SHA)与片上基准电压源。AD9246采用带输出误差修正逻辑电路的多级差分流水线结构,以125MSPS的转换速率提供14bit精度,而且保证在整个工作温度范围内无失码。


  • RE: Are there Values for SEL/SEB LET_TH (MeV*cm2/mg) of the AD9254S available?

    Hello Jon

    If your requirement for SEL threshold is >30MeVcm^2/mg, I would suggest that you look into using the AD9246S.

  • RE: ADC type AD9254S space grade as engineering sample

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for your reply. I was wrongly referred to the AD9246S. Anyway, the signal performance of commercial and space grade should be the same?


  • AD9254 input impedance

    we want to run simulations with AD9254 in Genesys and we need to know the input
    impedance @ 86MHz (or at a frequency close to this). Could you please send me
    this info ?


    We don’t have specific S-parameters for the AD9254, but the input…
  • High Speed ADC with Bipolar Analog Input


       I required an high speed ADC with bipolar analog input ranging from -V to +V. I was considering AD9042 but later on it came to my notice that it does not take in bipolar analog input. So, right now I am considering the following ADC's for the…