• AD9246: Using Opamp

    Help me please concerning a "INPUT COMMON-MODE VOLTAGE" range of AD9246 and
    its impact on the ADC performance: SNR and SFDR. 
    In the AD9246 datasheet on page 15 the following is told: Setting the device
    such that VCM = 0.55 * AVDD is…

  • AD9246: Capacitive drive

    In the datasheet there is no specification of the maximum capacitive load of
    the digital outputs of  the ADC(I quote in datasheets pg 21 : "...large
    capacitive loads...",please define large). We use a 3.3V digital power. Sample
    rate …

  • AD9246: Timing parameters

    In the AD9246 datasheet, all timings parameters are based on DRVDD =2.5V. For
    our design DRVDD is 3.3V. Does this make any difference on setup and hold time


    1.   Q1: In the plots provided the CLK input was not shown – only the DCO and …

  • AD9246 sample code and application configuration note

    Hi there,

    The first time I used the device ad9246, I don't know how to use it and what registers needed to be configured. Can you provide the sample code and application configuration note.

    Thanks a lot!

  • RE: AD9246 Output Noise

    Thank you for the suggestions, we have tried a couple of things that showed similar results:

    - Implemented 22Ohm resistors

    - Reducing digital output voltage to 2.5V

    Next we will try substituting 220Ohm resistors, but for now: Does this PCB layout look…

  • AD9246 Input circuit PSPICE Simulation model

    Just looking for a simple Switch cap input model to emulate the load that the AD9246 ADC will impart on the front-end analog circuitry driving the ADC.  Seems that if the input switch resistances, pin and sample/hold capacitances are close enough, and…

  • AD9246: Wake up time from standby mode

    I would like to know the wake-up time of AD9246 from the standby-mode back to
    the normal operation.


    Assuming you leave the clock applied to the part during standby – the part
    requires about 1us to recover from the standby state.  If the…

  • AD9246: SNR equations, jitter calculation and Vref

    Page 20 of the AD9246-125MSPS data sheet contains figure 51 which is a graph of
    SNR versus input frequency when the clock contains specific levels of jitter.
    The theoretical equation for how SNR relates to jitter and input frequency is

  • AD9246 source code

    hi i am student . i need vhdl code of ad9246 that i use chip in my project .