• AD9246: Using Opamp

    Help me please concerning a "INPUT COMMON-MODE VOLTAGE" range of AD9246 and
    its impact on the ADC performance: SNR and SFDR. 
    In the AD9246 datasheet on page 15 the following is told: Setting the device
    such that VCM = 0.55 * AVDD is…

  • AD9246: Capacitive drive

    In the datasheet there is no specification of the maximum capacitive load of
    the digital outputs of  the ADC(I quote in datasheets pg 21 : "...large
    capacitive loads...",please define large). We use a 3.3V digital power. Sample
    rate …

  • AD9246: Timing parameters

    In the AD9246 datasheet, all timings parameters are based on DRVDD =2.5V. For
    our design DRVDD is 3.3V. Does this make any difference on setup and hold time


    1.   Q1: In the plots provided the CLK input was not shown – only the DCO and …

  • AD9246: Wake up time from standby mode

    I would like to know the wake-up time of AD9246 from the standby-mode back to
    the normal operation.


    Assuming you leave the clock applied to the part during standby – the part
    requires about 1us to recover from the standby state.  If the…

  • AD9246: SNR equations, jitter calculation and Vref

    Page 20 of the AD9246-125MSPS data sheet contains figure 51 which is a graph of
    SNR versus input frequency when the clock contains specific levels of jitter.
    The theoretical equation for how SNR relates to jitter and input frequency is

  • AD9246 source code

    hi i am student . i need vhdl code of ad9246 that i use chip in my project .


  • AD9246 Output Noise


    Excuse my non-perfect technical understanding, however;

    We have a small device that implements the AD9246. The outputs are configured to 3.3V level and it runs at 80MHz. The outputs are connected directly to the FPGA input pins, the maximum distance…

  • AD9246S default condition Vref = 1.0V (shall not be used?)

    Dear Analog Team,

    In the Datasheet of the AD9246S  (5962-14227 DRAWING APPROVAL DATE 17-10-11) on Page 40 (6.7.3 Reference configuration)  

    it is mentioned that only the VREF = 0.75V shall be used. Do I understand correctly that the 1.0V (by default condition…