• FAQ : SDIO equivalent circuit in AD9246

    Question :

    What is the equivalent input/output circuit of SDIO pin in AD9246?


    Answer :

    The SDIO pin in AD9246 is the same as a regular digital SDIO pin and…

  • AD9246: Wake up time from standby mode

    I would like to know the wake-up time of AD9246 from the standby-mode back to
    the normal operation.


    Assuming you leave the clock applied to the part during standby – the part
    requires about 1us to recover from the standby state.  If…
  • RE: AD9254 EVAL

    Hi Mohit,

    The 14b AD9254 is pin-compatible to the 14b AD9246 so you may be able to use the AD9246 VA setup canvas to evaluate the AD9254. The AD9254 is also pin compatible with the 12b AD9233 with the exception of the two LSB pins 45&46 which are No…

  • RE: Are there Values for SEL/SEB LET_TH (MeV*cm2/mg) of the AD9254S available?

    Hello Jon

    If your requirement for SEL threshold is >30MeVcm^2/mg, I would suggest that you look into using the AD9246S.

  • AD9246: Timing parameters

    In the AD9246 datasheet, all timings parameters are based on DRVDD =2.5V. For
    our design DRVDD is 3.3V. Does this make any difference on setup and hold time


    1.   Q1: In the plots provided the CLK input was not shown – only the…
  • AD9246: Using Opamp

    Help me please concerning a "INPUT COMMON-MODE VOLTAGE" range of AD9246 and
    its impact on the ADC performance: SNR and SFDR. 
    In the AD9246 datasheet on page 15 the following is told: Setting the device
    such that VCM = 0.55…
  • AD9246: Capacitive drive

    In the datasheet there is no specification of the maximum capacitive load of
    the digital outputs of  the ADC(I quote in datasheets pg 21 : "...large
    capacitive loads...",please define large). We use a 3.3V digital power. Sample
  • RE: PN sequence in AD9246


    I would suggest that you start debugging your digital interface with an easy digital data pattern.............like the checker board pattern that was suggested earlier.   Once you establish that you get the correct pattern captured by the FPGA,…

  • VisualAnalog Model for AD9246-80


    where can I find the ADC model for the AD9246-80 for the simulation in VisualAnalog?

    The current available software is VisualAnalog, but the model wasn't installed.

    I had a look at the page http://www.analog.com/en/converters-tools…