• reference of AD9245

    We use AD9245 to sample the signal detect single end amplifier with output voltage from 0 to 2 volts.  We connect this output to Vin+. My question is that should we connect the Vin- to ground or to a voltage reference of 1 volt. If we connect the Vin- to…

  • RE: AD9245 doesn't work

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  • Does the AD9245 use special techniques for reducing the KT/C?

    To limit the KT/C noise in the ADC for a 14 bit performance you need large
    capacitors, which load the amplifiers and slow down the circuit increasing the
    power consumption. Does the AD9245 use special techniques for reducing the
  • AD9245_differential input configuration with AD8351

    the figure 40 in the datasheet of AD9245  is similar with the EVB (schematic in
    figure 49,50).  The output common-mode voltage of the AD8351 is set to AVDD/2
    (VAMP/2 in EVB), AV coupling with AD9245. In the EVB schematic the VIN+ and
  • ad9245数据怎么计算


  • RE: AD8333 - AD8332 interfacing

    Hi Filep,

    Thanks for the email. You definitely cannot use the AD8333 negative outputs, these shouldn't have been pinned out.

    You will need a SE-to-differential conversion of some kind. I've used the ds90c401 in certain applications, and it should…

  • RE: Input matching of switched capacitor ADC (AN-742)

    Hi 6j5,

    The parallel equivalent in AN-742 is shown because we are looking at the input differential into the ADC. I also think you are referring to an older revision of this app note. So I attached the latest.

    In all the ADC impedance tables that are…

  • RE: Frequency Planning with AD9467 ADC

    Hi scottbehr,

    Choosing a high sample rate converter will definitely aide in reducing the cost and complexity of the anti-aliasing filter (AAF). Next, if possible, choose a 20MHz BW to be within baseband at Fs/4 or greater, this will push the harmonics…

  • Switched Capacitor ADC Input Impedance


    I'm studying how to properly design the ADC input of AD9258 and AD9268.

    I downloaded S-parameters files available on the website and I would like to understand why those 2 ADCs show a different type of impedance: one rather capacitive, and the…

  • AD9236 Clock Input

    I am using AD9236 ADC. In datasheet, there is no any information about clock.(I think)

    The problem is that is Sampling rate(unit is MSPS) dependent to Input clock?

    If then, If I input 1Mhz as clock to ADC(AD9236), this ADC samples a signal per 1/1000000…