• AD9240: SINAD specification include effect of aperture jitter

       I\'m going to use AD9240 in my project. It would be interesting to know, do
    a SINAD parameter (in data sheet it is 75dB @ 5MHz) include an aperture jitter
    influence, and how well an aperture delay matches from part to part.


    The SINAD parameter…

  • AD9240 issue with Lower Temperature Application(-40℃)


    Now I has a issue about AD9240 in Low Temperature applicaiton:

    AD9240(SCH is as following) could work normally in normal temperature(25℃/0℃/-10℃), but when in Lower Temperature(-20℃/-40℃), we found it work unnormal.

    Firstly, we couldn't fix the…

  • FPGA 给 AD9240 提供 CLK 电压问题

    我们需要 XILINX FPGA 给 AD9240 提供 8MHz CLK,AD9240 给 FPGA 提供采样数据和溢出标志,但 FPGA 提供的 CLK 最高 3.3V,请问如何输入给 AD9240 呢?

  • AD8055(opamp) - AD9240 (ADC ) - Change in Common mode voltage at ADC input terminals


    We are using AD8055 op amp for a DC coupled application, to drive the AD9240 ADC.

    We have to set the common mode of the inputs as 2.5V. We have implemented a recommended circuit as per the AD9240 recommedation as per below image.


    As per above circuit…

  • 请问有没有类似AD9240的16位的ad


  • Where can I find the BOM, layout files and the photo of AD9240 EVB, it is no longer on the product page on your website.

    Where can I find the BOM, layout files and the photo of AD9240 EVB, it is no
    longer on the product page on your website.


    Please refer to the attachment.

  • RE: ADA4895-1 output noise


    Sorry, I didn't expect someone to do the full calculation. Was just looking for a sanity check.

    The actual results measured using the AD9240 are below. The application is sensitive to peak voltages so that is shown along with the RMS conversion…

  • What is the role of the Control Echo Enable bit?

    1/. I wish to use the ADG752 in a circuit powered from -2.5 and
    7.5 supply rails. Can I use series diodes to drop the volts and
    will this protect the input from latch up etc.
    2/. What is the nV/root Hz noise figure should I expect.
  • RE: ADC 12/14BIT, >2mS/S, Parallel digital interface

    Hi Meir,

    You may  want to check the ADI website and do a parametric search to filter the product display  base form your recommended specification.


    Here are some ADCs that might help  you start with, kindly see attched file.

  • Part recommendation

    I spoke to you briefly this morning regarding selecting an ADC for a new
    instrument we are developing, I have looked on the AD website but there is no
    parameter search that I could find for ADC's.The main parameters I require are