• AD9240: Maximum allowed power supply ripple

    What's the maximum ripple voltage for Analog Supply (+5V, AVDD).
    AD9240 is used in differential mode.


    The spec allows a tolerance of +/-5% on the supply but this only refers to DC.
    The AD9240 is a high speed 10Msps ADC and as such the supplies…

  • AD9240: SINAD specification include effect of aperture jitter

       I\'m going to use AD9240 in my project. It would be interesting to know, do
    a SINAD parameter (in data sheet it is 75dB @ 5MHz) include an aperture jitter
    influence, and how well an aperture delay matches from part to part.


    The SINAD parameter…

  • RE: AD9240 valid reference Voltage

    All information is in the datasheet

    Also see REFERENCE OPERATION section in the datasheet

  • RE: AD9240 data collectoin problem

    there could be many reasons.

    - capacitive reactance from C1/C2

    - resistor ladder network formed by R, Rs and the internal impedance of the ADC input buffer

    your schematic is different from what is recommended in the datasheet. please refer to the datasheet…

  • Where can I find the BOM, layout files and the photo of AD9240 EVB, it is no longer on the product page on your website.

    Where can I find the BOM, layout files and the photo of AD9240 EVB, it is no
    longer on the product page on your website.


    Please refer to the attachment.

  • Question about AD9240 output data format

    According to the data sheet, when VINA - VINB >= REF, the ad9240 outputs 11 1111 1111 1111 1111.

    So the ad9240 just can convert voltage between 0 and REF if it works in single-ended input ?

    For example, my REF is 2.5V, and VINB is tied to GND. What…

  • AD9240 valid reference Voltage

    I am wondering about the valid range of the external reference Voltage that can be applied to the AD9240’s VREF .  The only limitation I could find was in the absolute maximum value section of the datasheet but I doubt that every VREF value applied…

  • AD8055(opamp) - AD9240 (ADC ) - Change in Common mode voltage at ADC input terminals


    We are using AD8055 op amp for a DC coupled application, to drive the AD9240 ADC.

    We have to set the common mode of the inputs as 2.5V. We have implemented a recommended circuit as per the AD9240 recommedation as per below image.


    As per above circuit…

  • AD9240故障


    1. 故障板卡