• AD9238 (12-bit) Converter


       We are evaluating the AD9238 12-bit converter.  This part is available in 12-bit (AD9238) and 14-bit (AD9248).

    We purchased the AD9238 evaluation board.  The board description is in the datasheet but that description and schematic is for the AD9248…

  • AD9238 can't output

          Before, AD9238 was very good for use , but now the chip can't  output any digital signal.The difference between now and before is PCB board ,then  other configuration parameters have not be changed, such as CLK 8MHZ(clk-input)、 Pown and OEB( are be set…

  • AD9238 Single-Shot: Possible?


    i want to capture an exact point of the output waveform of a fast Track-and-Hold stage, which hast to happen within a few nanoseconds. Skew alignment because of different aperture delays between T&H/ADC is done via delay lines and should be no problem…

  • AD9238 ADC Voltage Input

    I am planning to use the AD9238 as my ADC chip. But my input voltage range is +-1V, it means it could be negative voltage input. My question is whether the AD9238 could accept the negative voltage input while it use single power supply(0-3.3V). Thanks…

  • AD9238及其他




  • AD9238, AD9248 - Evalustion schematic Ad9238BCP-65EBZ

    We need some evaluation board with AD9238 which is suitable for DC (not only
    for AC). We know there are evaluation boards which allow only AC evaluation
    (e.g. AD9238BCP-65EBZ ).
    In contrast, other evaluation boards allow both DC and
    AC evaluation…

  • AD9238 acceptable analog inputs levels


    Which are the limitations for Vin+ and Vin- voltages for AD9238 in single-ended applications? I haven't found particular values in the datasheet. In my application I'd like to engage single-ended input configuration with signal potentials close to…

  • AD9238 with dc input signal

    Hello, i want to use ADC AD9238 in my project. I need to digitize signal, that could be 1MHz, but some time it is dc and i need to digitize this moments too. In datasheet, on page 16, i found schematic input, that consist capacitors. Would this work with…

  • AD9238突然没有输出了