• AD9237 VREF voltage range

    In the datasheet of AD9237, Table7 descibes reference configurations.

    when I use programmable reference configuration or external reference, what is the allowable voltage range of VREF?

    In External Reference Operation section of the datasheet, I found…

  • AD9237 EVA Board


    I want to evaluate AD9237 but evaluation board does not exist.
    I will try to evaluate AD9237 using a compatible AD9235 evaluation board.
    So, I confirmed that some pin functions are different, but it is OK to replace

    AD2935 from AD9237, or is it…

  • AD9237 reference setting


    Please let me know  about reference setting of  AD9237 soon because  I am designing and need to finish by this week,.

    Is there any wrong with description of AD9237 datasheet P.18 table 7_Internal Fixed Reference ?

    Datasheet Table 7 says below

  • AD9237 MODE2 pin voltage

    According to table.8 in the datasheet, span_factor is set by MODE2 pin voltage.

    what are voltage allowance for 1/3A VDD and 2/3 AVDD?

    when is span_factor and resulting differential span is fixed?

  • AD9237-40 power consumption


    We check power consumption of AD9237-40 both power scaling enable and disable .
    Datasheet figure 43 and 44 describle only power consumption by 10MSPS at power scaling disable and enable.
    Please let me knoe about power consumption when we use  AD9237…

  • AD9237-40 mode2 pin threshold


    Please let me know about the threshold of mode pin in AD9237-40.

    Datasheet  P.20 describes below but does not describe threhold.

    Mode2     ;  Span ; Power scaling

    AVDD          ;   1; Disabled

    2/3 AVDD    ;   1; Enabled

    1/3 AVDD    ;   2 ;Enabled

    AGND          ; 2  ;Disable…

  • RE: sampling design issue


    The AD9280 is much older ADC thus really is not recommended.  Since you are simply buying an eval board, I would consider a higher resolution ADC like the 12-bit AD9237.  The AD9237 is a monolithic, single 3 V supply, 12-bit, 20/40/65 MSPS Analog…

  • RE: internal reference of AD9235

    Thanks for the information,

    Obviously I overlooked this figure.

    Upgrading to AD9237 is however no option to me due to nontechnical reasons.

    However an external Reference seems useful.


  • RE: 请问一款ADC模拟信号输入高电压?急求。



  • RE: AD9225 CLK stop and resume


    The AD9225 is one of the 1st generation 12-bit CMOS ADC's released in the late 1990's.  As you state, it does not include a PWDN pin which exists on future generations of this product family.  No additional delay is required (other than…