• RE: AD9235

    unfortunately, we dont have those files with us now. 

  • AD9235 setup

    Let me confirm how to set up AD9235 (12bit AD Conveter) with AD8132(Differential Amp.).

    My question is the relation between SENSE, VREF in AD9235 and VCOM in AD8132.

    In my understanding, VREF can be connected with external voltage as an input.


  • Connect AD9235 to STM32H745BI

    Hello, I want to read data by STM32H745BI from AD9235. I suppose to connect by FMC. Have you met similar tasks before? Can you help with correct connection? Thanks!

  • AD9235 with AD8132(AD8138)



    Could you give me any advice as below?

    I have been designing PCB using AD9235 and AD8132.

    I have designed AD8132 using input signal impedance matching as 50ohms to get differential output.

    My question is to confirm the connection between…

  • AD9235 minimum input frequency


    Could you please advise me the minimum input frequency of AD9235 without an influence of external capacitor? I would like to use AD9235 by wide frequency range.

    And how about the AD9649 and AD9266? Is it same as AD9235?

    Best regards,


  • AD9235 Sample Hold Time


    I have a question inner circuit for AD9235 .

    I woukld like to know inner sample hold time for AD9235-20,-40,-65.

    My customer wants to know it,

    So if you like , Please tell me sample hold time..

    Best regards


  • internal reference of AD9235


    In the datasheet of the AD9235 there is a specification for gain drift when using an external reference. 

    is there any data available regarding typical gain drift when using the internal reference?

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    Norman Werner

  • REFT & REFB & Input Span problems with AD9235

    Im using AD9235-20 in single-ended configuration with 1V applied to Vin-.The power supply of AVDD and DRVDD were both 3.3V.And the clk was drived by a 10.000Mhz-crystal-controlled oscillator.

    The testing source came from a regulated power supply.The…

  • AD9235 BRUZ-20 communication protocol and clock source

    I wonder what communication method (i2c, UART, SPI) does AD9235 use and which pin is for communication. And if I want to achieve full 20MSPS, what is the minimum frequency of CLK source. Is Arduino Uno R3 powerful/fast enough to communicate with AD9235…

  • AD9235单端差分输入问题