• AD9234-500EBZ with external FPGA board


    I am trying to evaluate the AD9234 500MSPS 12 bit dual channel ADC, using the AD9234-500EBZ evaluation board, but I want to evaluate the data on a Xilinx zc702 or zc706 development board.

    Is this possible? I cant find any pinout diagrams or timing…

  • AD9234-1000EBZ and ZCU102


    I cannot find any documentation about the AD9234-1000EBZ. Do I need an external clock and Ref clock for this ADC?


    Is this compatible with the ZCU102?


    I want to control the AD9234-1000EBZ with the ZCU102, I don't need a application, I want to write…

  • AD9234 connection


    We want to use Xilinx VC709 evaluation board that include Virtex7-690T device to connect AD9234 evaluation board.

    I saw that Analog Devices is also using the Virtex7-690T device on the ADS7-V1EBZ and connect it to the AD9234 evaluation board…

  • Interleaving the AD9234

    Hi ADI,


    Is it possible to interleave the two ADCs on the AD9234 to achieve a higher sampling rate?  Looking at the data sheet it looks like both parts are run from the same clock source, which suggests that this is not possible.


    I understand that…

  • ad9234 outliers


    I'm using an AD9234 ADC and I'm sampling a dc coupled static signal (low noise). I implemented a statistic for all the samples I receive from the adc in one second (mean, noise, minimum sample value, maximum sample value). The mean-value of my signal…

  • RE: Referenz design SPI Interface

    Hi Adrian,

    i checked the datasheet of the AD9234 hich gives me CHIP_ID 0XCE sounds good as my system can read this value :) I think the problem is that I am using the driver for ad9680 (adi,ad9680) instead of using the ad9234 driver. Later I will give…

  • Best way to start AD9234-1000 EBZ project


    what is the best way to start a project based on the AD9234-1000 EBZ and ADIs github page? I started by generating project like fmcadc4 project but is this the best way to start a project for the AD9234 ADC? The ADC itself runs in the same way like…

  • RE: Compare AD6674-LF 1000EBz vs  AD9680-LF1000EBZ / AD9234-LF 1000EBZ

    Hi ,

    Incidentally, all of the above mentioned devices (AD9680, AD9234 and AD6674) are the same die with different programmed behaviour. The AD9680 and AD9234 are 14-bit and 12-bit versions of the same die, with the AD9234 also having limited…

  • RE: AD9680 FMC voltages

    Hi Adrian,

    My goal is to connect the AD9234 Evaluation board to my custom Zynq board. I am only using the DAQ2 and fmcadc4 boards as reference designs to understand setup and hdl design, as it is new to me These boards are using AD9680 which is pretty…

  • RE: To interface AD9234-1000EVM ADC cards for  12.5Gbps JESD204B lane data rates


    I am not sure what your end goal here is. The AD9234 is rated for a max clock rate of 1GSPS. Please see the AD9234 datasheet for more information. If you want 12.5Gbps line rate, ie, if that is ALL you are looking for, you can clock the AD9234 at…