• RE: AD9234 PC software

    Hi Rekha,

    The AD9680 SPIController config file should work for the AD9234. The AD9680 is the 14-bit cousin of the AD9234.



  • RE: Does your ADC made from a magnetic body?

    Hi Umesh,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I got it.

    And I have already contacted regional FAE of you ADI, and have got the additional comment also.

    In addition, how about AD9234?

    Our customer have put AD9234 for hard magnetic field product on his BOM.

  • The sampling rate of  AD9234-1000


       I have a problem with AD9234-1000. It can be seen from the datesheet that the Chip_GRADE register is read-only. And we can see the range of clock rate of  AD9234-1000 is 0.3~4GHz.

       The question is : can I use the  AD9234-1000 in the 500sps sampling…

  • RE: AD9234 FPGA not being programmed

    Hi Garrett,

    The AD9234 is the same as the AD9680. Please go ahead and program the FPGA with the AD9680 image. SPIController will then recognize the AD9234. 



  • RE: iio:device0: SPI Read Verify failed (0x0) problem on custom carrier and ad9234 evaluation board

    Hi Michael,

    The ad9528 was not conneted in my setup. I control it via USB as clock source. I only added it to the devicetree as information for the AD9234 I want to read out.

    When unplugging my AD9234-Eval board I get an other error () when plug it on…

  • AD9234-1000EBZ and ZCU102


    I cannot find any documentation about the AD9234-1000EBZ. Do I need an external clock and Ref clock for this ADC?


    Is this compatible with the ZCU102?


    I want to control the AD9234-1000EBZ with the ZCU102, I don't need a application, I want to write…

  • RE: AD9234-1000EBZ and ADS7-v2ebz REV C dont work

    Please follow the detailed instructions on how to evaluate the AD9234. The user guide is available here : EVALUATING THE AD9680/AD9690/AD9234 ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER [Analog Devices Wiki] 

  • RE: AD9234 board

    Hi Ilya,

    The AD9234 uses the same evaluation board as the AD9680. All details for this board can be found here




  • RE: AD9234 coplanar ground

    Hi YKA,

    The pins of the AD9234 do follow a Pwr-S-S-Pwr arrangement. But both the "Pwr" pins are AVDD3 (3.3V). In the layout of the AD9234, the differential input traces are referenced to GND, but then have decoupling capacitors from these Pwr pins to…

  • Recommended input voltage for AD9234 (AD9680) Evaluation board


    I am using an AD9234 Evaluation board (This Version:

    AD9234-1000EBZ Evaluation board for AD9234-1000; Full Bandwidth 9680CE04B


    For testing I  would like to know what kind of input signal I should sent to the Evaluation board input CH A, as…