• Information on clock and models for AD9680, and AD9234

    Hello ADI Engineer Zone,

    I was looking for the following information/clarifications

    I am interested in the products EVAL-AD9680 in order to evaluate the AD9680 and AD9234 products.

    Q1) What exactly is the different between AD9680-1000EBZ v/s AD9680…

  • AD9234,AD9735 spice模型


  • AD9234 serdout3 is wrong


      I'm using the ad9234 in test mode. After config 0x570=0x89, the JESD IP Core works very well. but when I set the 0x550=0xF --> ramp out;the gt_rxdata is correct except the gt3_rxdata.

    It‘s very strange, please help me T_T.

    In the FPGA…

  • AD9234-1000EBZ SPI Controller Configuration file


    I bought AD9680-1250 and AD9234-1000 evaluation boards and interfacing board ADS7-V2.
    I try to test both successively.
    I succeed in testing AD9680 with VisualAnalog and SPIController (LED enlightened, configuration ok and plot with FFT Canvas).

  • ACE Capture View with AD9680, AD9234 and AD9174


    I trying to drive different eval boards with the latest version of ACE software (offline version).

    * For AD9234 eval board, I did not find any plug-in on ADI website. Does it mean that I won't be able to drive AD234 eval board with ACE software?…

  • Can't get data from ADC (AD9234-500EBZ + ADS7-V2EBZ)

    Good day.

    We have received the AD9234-500EBZ + ADS7-V2EBZ Evaluation Kit, but we cannot get the data with it. When setting up, we used the instruction "EVALUATING THE AD9680 / AD9690 / AD9234 ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER" with the following changes.…

  • AD9234-1000EBZ and ZCU102


    I cannot find any documentation about the AD9234-1000EBZ. Do I need an external clock and Ref clock for this ADC?


    Is this compatible with the ZCU102?


    I want to control the AD9234-1000EBZ with the ZCU102, I don't need a application, I want to write…

  • AD9234 ADC clock differential


    In my setup (see picture) I use an AD9234 Eval board and an AD9528 evaluation board as clock. In order to have enough single ended clocks (8 & 5 only) I soldered an secon CLK- connector to my AD9234 board and I am powering the CLK+/- inputs of the…

  • AD9234 - How to Only Use One Channel at a Time

    I plan on using both channels of the AD9234, but only want to use one at a time.The desired channel will be sampling at 1 GSPS, and transmitting at 5 Gbps over all 4 lanes.

    According to the datasheet, the M value (# converters) can be configured to be…