• About AD9231 Reference


    I would like to use AD9231, but I have 4 questions how to use.

    #1  About External reference listed in an explanatory note 1 of  SPECIFICATIONS in AD9231 Datesheet , what External

       Reference do you use?

    #2  Is there the information of temperature…

  • About AD9231 Reference


    I would like to use AD9231. But,I have three question.

    #1 When I use the outside Ref of AD9231with ADI product, What is highly precise, available Ref?

    #2 ADI product does not have highly precise Ref in 1.0VRef output,
      in the case of 1.0VRef in…

  • AD9231, AD9573


    I'm looking for a clock wich I can use for the AD9231. It needs to be a low power device for my design. Is the AD9573 suitable for that? I'll only need the 100MHz output of the AD9573. To wich level do I have to connect the VDD33, 33M and GND33…

  • Input resistance for AD9231

    What is input resistance of the analog input for AD9231? Only the input
    capacitance is given in the datasheet.


    The input series resistance of AD9231 in track-mode is about 30 Ohms. Track
    mode is where most customers will be concerned with the…

  • AD9231: Differential delivery

    Flexible analog input: 1 V p-p or 2 V p-p differential. How it could be
    delivered when both operates from a single 1.8 V analog power supply?


    In 2Vp-p “differential” span mode (also referred to as 1V Vref mode), each Ain
    pin accepts…

  • AD9231 VCM tolerance.

    Hi Sir,

    Good day!

    Would you please check if the tolerance about AD9231 VCM voltage? Since datasheet didn't mention this and we only know that VCM=AVDD/2.

    Another question is if I add 22uF at VCM output, will this impact VCM stability?

    Many thanks…

  • Regarding AD9231 ADC

    Dear Sir/Ma'am,

    We are using AD9231 for the data acquisition in our system. For design we have used design reference guide and data sheet.

    For the testing we have used 100 KHz sine wave at the input side,5 MSPS sampling speed, Internal reference…

  • AD9231 Addr(Hex)0x15

    Please teach me Addr(Hex)0x15 register of AD9231.

    It will be decided 'drive strength' by this register setting.


    What kind of units stripes ?

    Why not 'A' notation?


    Thank you.

  • AD9231 output data multiplexed configuration

    Dear sir:

             I recently is developing products, with the help of AD9231.  In the datasheet of AD9231, it is said the I/Q output data can be multiplexed onto a single output bus. But I can't find the detailed description about this usage. Would you offer…