• AD9230

    I am looking at worse case timing for a design that I am doing at the moment using the AD0230 ADC. A typical value is provided on the data sheet, Table 4, for the propagation delay from CLK to DCO, tCPD, but no maximum time is given. Is this figure available…

  • AD9211ad9230_relationship

    I want the layout information about AD9211 EVAL board.


    the AD9211 is the 10-bit version of the Ad9230.  these are pin compatible and
    share the same eval board so the Ad9230 or AD9230-11 eval board info would be
    better suited. 
  • AD9230 differential input curiosity

    Hi All,

    On page 21 of the AD9230 data sheet : http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/AD9230.pdf

    We read about the shunt capacitor used at the data + and - inputs of the AD9230.

    All the termination schemes I've read about use a R value…

  • AD9515

    Hi, I want to use AD9515 as clock driver to AD9230. According to the spec of AD9515, the low level of clock output is 3.3-1.76=1.54V for LVPECL and 1.0V for LVDS. However, AD9230 recognizes clock as low only when the voltage is below 0.8V. I dont understand…

  • 关于AD9230的使用





  • RE: Schematic for AD9230 Eval

    Hi Samer,

    I'm attaching the schematic that matches your AD9230 Eval Brd Photo.

    Best Regards,

    Tony M

  • AD9655 interfacing and external triggering

    For a past project I used an AD9230 evaluation board with the HSC-ADC-EVALC interface board.

    Now I'm moving to a 2-channel design and I was thinking to use the AD9655.

    Is is possible to use it with the same interface board?

    Since I needed external…

  • Is there a INL diagram available for the AD9634?

    Since we would like to average repetetive signals we are interested in the Integrated NonLinearity of the AD9634. Is there a diagram available like for the AD9230?

    From the multistage architecture, is it quite repetitive like that of the AD9230 for 2…

  • RE: AD9230 after full power down mode turn on delay time

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for contacting ADI. Your inquiry has been relayed to the AD9230 Product Team for review/response.

    Tony M

  • RE: External trigger for AD9211 and AD9230 evaluation boards


    We do not currently have FPGA firmware to support this feature for the AD9230, but we are putting that together.  Please check back soon .