• About the external trigger of AD9230


    I'm using the HSC-ADC -EVAL CZ with AD9230.

    In order to enable the external trigger in these, I proceeded by looking at the attached file below, but is there a file corresponding to AD9230 such as ad9649_fifo5.bin in step 6, for example ad9230_fifo5…

  • AD9230: EVB schematic

    I can not find the AD9230EVB schematic in the datasheet or from ADI website,
    would you pls kindly provide this.


    Here is the Schematic and BOM for the AD9230
  • AD9230

    I am looking at worse case timing for a design that I am doing at the moment using the AD0230 ADC. A typical value is provided on the data sheet, Table 4, for the propagation delay from CLK to DCO, tCPD, but no maximum time is given. Is this figure available…

  • Schematic for AD9230 Eval

    I have an eval board for the AD9230 and I am wanting to confirm which schematic to use for reference. I see here: https://ez.analog.com/message/169337#169337 that it shares the PCB of the AD9434, but the board shown in the image in the thread is different…

  • AD9230 differential input curiosity

    Hi All,

    On page 21 of the AD9230 data sheet : http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/AD9230.pdf

    We read about the shunt capacitor used at the data + and - inputs of the AD9230.

    All the termination schemes I've read about use a R value…

  • AD9230 SPI ADREE

    example,When i write adress 0x14,the value A8~A12 is 0?

     or A0~A4 is 0?(0x14 is A12~A5)


  • 关于AD9230的使用





  • AD9230 output unexpected result


       I am using the high speed ADC of AD9230 for DPD feedback channel.

      The sample rate was 120MSPS, analog input common mode voltage was 1.46V; and Rbias pin was 0.5V; SDR mode, two complement output.

      In order to verify the ADC's noise floor,…

  • RE: SPI interface with AD9230 - ADG3308

    They have already responsed! Thank you very much.

    María Luz Gil Heras


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    28850-Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid)

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  • The front end transformer  of AD9230

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    The  reference circuit of AD9230  using  transformer number is ADT1-1WT, however, its temperature range is from -20 to 80C, and i wonder if i want such a transformer meeting -40 to 80C, do you have anyrecommend.