• RE: AD9226 pin cofiguration


    The PIN CONNECTION drawing for 48-pin LQFP is correct.  There is a 14-bit version of this device in the same package (and sharing the same eval board) in which B10 and B11 are used as LSB data outputs.

  • AD9226

    Hi there,

         Could I ask that how is power going to be supplied to the CLK on AD9926, is that analog supply or digital?

         Thanks, I am here to wait for your helps.

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  • Connections between AD8338 and AD9226

    AD8338 has an internal VREF at 1.5V,we want to set the output common-mode votage to 2.0V by adding resistors from summing nodes to COMM,so that AD9226,the ADC,which has a VREF that has been set to 2.0V,could be directly connected with AD8338 differentially…

  • AD9226 in pseudo-differential connection

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a new user of ADC. I need to use AD9226 to measure a voltage signal (1V~3V).

    In AD9226 datasheet, I only find circuits for single-ended input configuration and differential input configuration.

    I'm wondering how can I configure AD9226…

  • Valid C Compiler AD9226 Simulink Error

    Hello, I am working on a project and needed to run simulations on the AD9226 part. I downloaded the Simulink file, ran the installer file but got an error. I believe it has to do with the required C compiler. I'm currently using gcc version 6.2.1 on a…

  • HDL reference for AD9226 with Zynq-7

    I'm designing a DAQ system like below, and the candidate ADC is AD9226, with Xilinx Zynq-7 series :

    And I wonder if there are some reference designs or IPs can help?


  • different clock of the AD9226 has different nosie

    hello everyone:

                              I used four ADCs AD9226 in four-way acquisition circuit,and use FPGA provide clock of AD9226 ,but when i change the clock of AD9226,the noise of output changed,and it is bad .i used five frequency clock,60MHZ、48MHZ、36MHZ、24MHZ…

  • ad9226: single ended measuring span is 0.1v when vref=1v

    I am starting to use this ADC and would be glad if someone help me with following problem:

    When I connect SENSE pin to VREF and VINB, VREF-VREF/2 to VREF+VREF/2 span is expected at VINA input pin. But I am getting OTR signal for VINA = VREF-0.05v and…

  • 请教ad9226基准电压的问题

    我按照产品说明将ad9226 17脚sense接avdd,然后由ad584提供2.5基准电压,但接通电源后ad9226快速升温,测得基准电压只有1.2V左右,然后不久就过热烧掉了。avdd是5V,drvdd是3.3V,5v供电是dc-dc转换12v产生的,3.3v是三端稳压产生,5v电源波纹约20mv左右,电压检测结果稳定。请专家指导,谢谢。

  • 关于AD9226的输入引脚的波形是否正常


          我在使用AD9226-28-Lead SSOP芯片做信号采集模块,与fpga相连接,采样频率为50MHz,输入信号通过AD8138将单端信号转换为差分信号。 具体的连接如图,在连接信号和空接时,用示波器测量VINA和VINB两个引脚的波形,发现有50MHz脉冲波形,这是否正常???谢谢。