• AD9226

    Hi there,

         Could I ask that how is power going to be supplied to the CLK on AD9926, is that analog supply or digital?

         Thanks, I am here to wait for your helps.

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  • AD9226 in pseudo-differential connection

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a new user of ADC. I need to use AD9226 to measure a voltage signal (1V~3V).

    In AD9226 datasheet, I only find circuits for single-ended input configuration and differential input configuration.

    I'm wondering how can I configure AD9226…

  • different clock of the AD9226 has different nosie

    hello everyone:

                              I used four ADCs AD9226 in four-way acquisition circuit,and use FPGA provide clock of AD9226 ,but when i change the clock of AD9226,the noise of output changed,and it is bad .i used five frequency clock,60MHZ、48MHZ、36MHZ、24MHZ…

  • RE: Connections between AD8338 and AD9226


    The AD9226 can support the 1.5 V output common-mode level of the AD8338 hence no need to change it.  In other words, you can simply configure the AD9226 for 1 V or 2 Vpp. input span via the SENSE  strapping pin.  The fact that both devices will be…

  • RE: ad9226: single ended measuring span is 0.1v when vref=1v


    It sounds it was tried to set Vref at 1V and 2V by configuring SENSE pin and there is an issue only when Mode pin is tied to 5V case(Binary Data Format, Clock Stabilizer on). What you observed at the digital data and OTR signal are not what expected…

  • AD9226 输入端电平转换用DAC 实现是不是可以改善ADC的DNL同时提高SNR

    @AD9226 输入端电平转换用DAC 实现是不是可以改善ADC的DNL同时提高SNR

  • HDL reference for AD9226 with Zynq-7

    I'm designing a DAQ system like below, and the candidate ADC is AD9226, with Xilinx Zynq-7 series :

    And I wonder if there are some reference designs or IPs can help?


  • RE: Voltage offset differences under different sampling rates?! - AD9265

    Dear David:

         I have tested another high speed ADC, AD9226ARSZ, 12-Bit 65MSps, to compare with AD9265, but i didn't find the gain error of AD9226 in different sampling rate. From the datasheet of AD9226ARSZ, it has max. 2% FSR gain error. We analyzed…

  • Valid C Compiler AD9226 Simulink Error

    Hello, I am working on a project and needed to run simulations on the AD9226 part. I downloaded the Simulink file, ran the installer file but got an error. I believe it has to do with the required C compiler. I'm currently using gcc version 6.2.1 on a…

  • 请教ad9226基准电压的问题

    我按照产品说明将ad9226 17脚sense接avdd,然后由ad584提供2.5基准电压,但接通电源后ad9226快速升温,测得基准电压只有1.2V左右,然后不久就过热烧掉了。avdd是5V,drvdd是3.3V,5v供电是dc-dc转换12v产生的,3.3v是三端稳压产生,5v电源波纹约20mv左右,电压检测结果稳定。请专家指导,谢谢。