• Differential signal Power divider


    Recently,I need to use one channel  differential signal which is a output of AD8131 to drive two ADC that is AD9224  in my project.So I want to turn one channel differential signal into two channels differential signal.Is there some chips in ADI…

  • After the 12.5MHz clock is added to the ADD9224 clock pin, there is a burr at the input end. Why is this? How to el

    When the AD9224's clock pin is disconnected, the burr of the input port will disappear.

  • RE: The design question of AD8338

    Hi Jino

          I use the AD8338 to drive the AD9224 directly a few days ago,and the target Vocm that I want is 2.5V.But I fear that  Common-Mode voltage will not be accurate.When I use the resistor connecting to COMM to adjust Common-Mode voltage,can the output…

  • Example program for interfacing BF to simple parallel ADC


    I am interfacing an AD9224 ADC with a blackfin BF537 EZ-kit. Is there a working VisualDSP example on how to interface these 'simple' parallel-output ADC's that require no additional control to the PPI port? I would like to know this before I start…

  • Logic voltage of AD8338

    Hi All

         I some questions about AD8338.What is the logic voltage of AD8338?Is it 3V or 5V? Can it drive the ADCs that mainly adopt 5V logic voltage such as AD9224.Thanks for all reply.

  • AD8338在设计中的问题


  • AD8338在设计中的问题二



  • Please suggest high-speed ADC (5 - 50 MSPS) for sampling AD8318

    Hi All,

    I have an AD8318 based circuit which samples a pulsed RF signal with a pulsewidth on the order of 1 usec.  I would like to use an ADC to convert the analog output of the AD8318 to digital so it can be read and processed by an FPGA.  The design…

  • Part recommendation

    I spoke to you briefly this morning regarding selecting an ADC for a new
    instrument we are developing, I have looked on the AD website but there is no
    parameter search that I could find for ADC's.The main parameters I require are