• AD9222: EVB document

    For AD9222EVB, AD9222's datasheet have several paragraphs about the EVB's use.
    Could you please provide a document which describe how to use the EVB?


    When you order the eval brd ADI out this document. Please see attachment.
  • AD9222 SPI


    I'm having some trouble with using the AD9222 SPI. My setup is a folloows:

    - I have an AD9222 evaluation board connected to an Altera Stratix-III development board. I designed an adapter board to interface

      between the AD9222 evaluation…

  • AD9222: Sample Rate

    I have to sample at different frequencies, and I would like to use the ADC9222.
    In principle the datasheet  says that the minimum frequency is 10MSPS.
    Can it work with a sampling frequency of 1MSPS?


    The minimum characterized sample rate…
  • AD9222 SPI Configuration


    I'm using an AD9222, and my goal is to program each on-chip ADC in order to test my connection between the AD9222 and my FPGA. So for each ADC I've to set the "Output Test Mode" register.

    I read in the AN877 that : During a write…

  • AD9222 with Altera Stratix

    Someone asked me by email:

    Hi, I'd like to use one of Analog Devices' serial-LVDS ADC (e.g. AD9222) and connect to an Altera Stratix IV or V.

    These FPGAs SERDES, however, only do deserialize up to 10 bits. My ADC requirement is >10bit though…

  • Interfacing the AD9222 with Altera Straitx-III FPGA


    I'm having problems interfacing the AD9222 with an Altera Stratix-III FPGA. I developed an HSM connector-based daughter board for the Stratix-III development kit which has 2 AD9222 ADC's (16 LVDS channels). Incidentally, the SPI works perfect…

  • The "Power-Down" mode of AD9222

    How many times can I use the power-down mode? Can I apply this mode periodically?

  • About AD9222 evalution board and the capture board (HSC-ADC-EVALC)


            我将两块板子如附件图1中所示连接了起来,用电脑和数据采集板连接之后,使用Visual Analog 软件无法获取到数据。)

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to connnect the evalution board of AD9222 to the capture board of HSC-ADC-EVALCZ.

    I would like to…

  • RE: Where can I download the LVDS driver of AD9222-50?Thanks very much!


    Are you looking for a software driver?  We do not have one for this device.  You will need to review the default control registers settings and determine if you need to customize the configuration for your applications If so then you will need to interface…

  • For the AD9222 is the input span of the ADCs (V_p-V_n) -1->1V or (0 ->2V)?

    I've got a unipolar signal 0-1V for which I will using a AD8132 as a differential driver (differential gain x2) .  Do I have to offset the input voltage by 0.5V to utilize the full scale of the ADC (AD9222)?