• AD9219 : default resister value

    Does AD9219 work normally without SPI configuration by default register value ?

    Or is software reset required?

    Now, AD9219 dosen't work without config...

    I did not connect SPI to FPGA. Because it is not necessary to change a default value.

    I think…

  • Rule of name about ADC

    how can I get rule of name about ADC or DAC, such as ad9268,ad9219,ad9239,ad9244 and so on?

  • RE: AD9219 operation question


    Thanks for working with the AD9219.

    1. The effect of the 2-bit reduction in resolution should be your only performance reduction.
    2. Register 0x08 = 0x03 resets the digital circuitry of the AD9219 though it does not change the contents of the…
  • RE: Muliple AD9219 synchronization

    Hi Judy,

    I may not have made myself clear : I have two separate AD9219 chips, I understand within one chip the channels are synchronized, but how can I synchronize two chips ?


  • AD9219: differential input impedance

    Dear colleagues,

    does anyone know the differential input impedance at ~5 MHz of the AD9219?

    Our measurement suggest it is about 1.5k. Can you confirm this?

  • AD9219 power down mode

    Hi all,

    I am to use the AD9219 quad ADC in a new design.

    I will use only three of the four ADCs and I would like to turn the fourth in power down mode.

    The datasheet rev. E is not clear to me, it seems programming the 0x22 register could do the job…

  • RE: Unexpected Signals with ML605 FPGA & AD9129

    By new configuration, I meant that you configuring the device (AD9219) differently, to mix your base band signal to 1.4 GHz. 

    The provided reference design is using the DDS as data source:

    Xil_Out32((CF_BASEADDR + 0x04), 0x00000);

  • RE: AD9219: Contradicting information about the speed grade


    I believe you have the 65MSPS version. According to the datasheet, the first 4-bit nibble contains the speed grade information. As such, Register 0x02 = 0x01 indicates the 65MSPS device.

    Thank you for considering the AD9219.


  • Is it works when apply 1.2GHz to AD9219 DACCLK_x?

    Hello ADI team,

    Is it works when apply 1.2GHz to AD9219 DACCLK_x?

    We'd like to use in Normal Mode (baseband mode).

    Should we do something around the chip?

    Best regards,

  • AD9219输入直流耦合,如何配置