• Muliple AD9219 synchronization

    Hello all,

    In a project I have to digitize up to 6 CVBS PAL coded independant video signals.

    The AD9219 chip seems to do the job with a fairly low power consumption (which is important in this case).

    Nevertheless it only includes 4 ADCs.

    If I use…

  • AD9219 operation question

    In working with the AD9219, I have a couple of questions regarding some of the settings.

    1. Register x21 allow user to set the bit width of the ADC to 8, 10, 12 or 14 bits. I understand AD9219 is a 10bit ADC and the 12 and 14 bits mode will just pad…

  • AD9219 power down mode

    Hi all,

    I am to use the AD9219 quad ADC in a new design.

    I will use only three of the four ADCs and I would like to turn the fourth in power down mode.

    The datasheet rev. E is not clear to me, it seems programming the 0x22 register could do the job…

  • AD9219 Clock Sources

    Good day,

    I am currently developing a board based on the AD9219, and am seeking to design a clock input. Could the clock be provided by a low jitter analogue sine wave? or must be the clock be digital?



  • AD9219 VHDL CODE

    Good day,

    I have recently developed a custom board for the AD9219 and am in the process of testing and debugging. Would there happen to be some VHDL available or readily written for the SPI LVDS SERDES on the ADC that has been verified to work that I…

  • AD9219 : default resister value

    Does AD9219 work normally without SPI configuration by default register value ?

    Or is software reset required?

    Now, AD9219 dosen't work without config...

    I did not connect SPI to FPGA. Because it is not necessary to change a default value.

    I think…

  • AD9219: differential input impedance

    Dear colleagues,

    does anyone know the differential input impedance at ~5 MHz of the AD9219?

    Our measurement suggest it is about 1.5k. Can you confirm this?

  • AD9219: Contradicting information about the speed grade

    We ordered some AD9219 in the 65MSPS variant.

    The labels on the devices read "ABCPZ-65".

    But the speed grade register has the value "0x01", which according to the manual means 40MSPS.

    So how can we find out definitely which version…

  • Is it works when apply 1.2GHz to AD9219 DACCLK_x?

    Hello ADI team,

    Is it works when apply 1.2GHz to AD9219 DACCLK_x?

    We'd like to use in Normal Mode (baseband mode).

    Should we do something around the chip?

    Best regards,

  • AD9219输入直流耦合,如何配置