• AD9218: using two AD9216 - Duty Cycle Stabilizer - running the two clocks 180 degree

    I want to know is whether (and why) it would cause problems if I
    run the *two* AD9216 channels with 50% duty cycle clocks 180 degrees
    apart, for interleaving purposes.

    The relevant part of the datasheet is page 22 as follows:
    The AD9216…
  • AD9218的VD 3V的电源怎么解决?可以和VDD公用一个3.3V吗?

    AD9218的VD 3V的电源怎么解决?可以和VDD公用一个3.3V吗?

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  • RE: ADC静态参数测试方法请教



  • RE: question about AD9218BSTZ-65 ADC


    For the AD9218 the analog inputs self-bias to VD/3. This common-mode voltage can be overdriven externally by a low impedance source by ±300 mV (differential drive, gain = 1) or ±150 mV (differential drive, gain = 2).



  • The driver circuit of AD9633 or AD9681

    Hi Guys,

    We are using many AD9218 chips, and the driver using AD8138, which is ideally suited for broadband dc-coupled applications. The AD9218 datasheet also gives the reference circuit by using AD813x devcies.

    I read the datasheet of AD9633 and AD9681…

  • RE: AD9218BSTZ-65 Power supplies

    Hi Assaf,

    I'm attaching the Gerber files for the legacy ADI AD9218 Eval Brd for your review, along with an App note that provides additional PCB layout guidance for High Speed ADC applications.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance…

  • AD9288 中频采样出现很多杂散

    用AD9288做GPS中频采样,当输入一个中频15MHz -10dBm的电频干扰时,62MHz采样时钟,对62000采样数据做FFT处理,发现幅度谱在干扰频率附近有很多杂散,如何解决? 求大神帮忙!  用AD9218效果一样

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  • RE: AD9633-105 Single-input configuration.

    Hi Dougl, Thanks for you reply.

    I didn't read AD9633 datasheet carefully, however, someone told me that AD9633 is not like AD9218 which has its own VCM output. That means external reference source for voltage bias for ADC and VCM for amplifier is required…