• AD9218


    I have some problems for designing a circuit based on AD9218. This is my first time to learn this IC, and make PCB layout by myself.

    The datasheet of AD9218 shows that pins 13,30,31,48 are the same pin for Analog Supply (Vd), but they aren't…

  • AD9218


    I m designing a new circuit based on AD9218 ADC and BF537 via PPI interface.

    I have some questions about the ADC Vref and input range.

         Firstly, i wonder what is the effect of Vref to the input voltage range. My target is sampling 0V to 2V voltage…

  • AD9218 reference

    have a new set of ADs AD9218 in an updated design.

    the reference is measuring 1.31 V (outside the 1.25 V tolerance).   pins 5,6,7 (reference and A & B) are all tied together.  what could cause the reference to go out of tolerance

  • AD9218 Power Supplies


    I'm wondering about the timing requirements regarding the analog and digital supplies for the AD9218.

    Can these supplies be initialized at different times? Must one come before the other if so?

    Are there any effects of supplying two different…

  • AD9218 interferences at L-band

    We are developing a bistatic radar using the AD9218.
    We are using the evaluation board of AD9218, and have a sampling
    frequency of 80MHz. The processing technique we use can detect
    weak signals. We have seen that the AD9218 circuit generates…
  • AD9218: Power supply lower than specified

    Digital supply voltage is specified in table as 2.7Vmin to 3.6Vmax. But in
    several places in the text, the data sheet says the digital supply can be
    run at 2.5V. I would like to use a 2.5V Vdd supply - is it safe for me to
    do so and what…
  • RE: AD9218's Vd and Ground

    Hi Huiliang,

    1. Yes, the AD9218 can operate with a stable Vd supply ranging between 2.7V to 3.6V (3.0V nominal) as noted in the Power Supply specifications Table 1 on datasheet page 3.

    2. We do not differentiate between Analog and/or Digital Ground…

  • RE: How to calculate AD9218's slope?

    Hi, I can see the attached file here.

    I have another question need you help.

    For we want many ADC channels, so we are planning to use AD9633 to replace AD9218. And use AD4930 to drive AD9633. Do you think we can implement DC coupling like AD8138&…

  • AD9218上电时序烧片子的问题


  • 有没有和AD9218 替代升级的片子

    AD9218 为双路ADC 最高到105MSPS,双路AD可以同时独立工作,功耗也低,是2001年左右的产品,现在有没有对应的升级产品 要求一下几点