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    I have a question AD9215.

    Although it has a single-ended configuration as shown in the datasheet, in order to reduce the current consumption, if the resistance to create the bias potential from AVDD is set to about 10 kΩ, it can not be assumed p…

  • RE: AD9218


    The primary front-end configuration difference is the AD9218 Analog Input Common Mode is internally self-biased, whereas with the AD9215 the Ain CM is not internally self-biased. You have to establish the Ain CM externally in your AD9215 configuration…

  • AD9215: Using a DC input

    What is the best configuration for the input of this device to measure a single
    dc voltage? I have currently tied Vin- input to half AVDD and decoupled it with
    100pF, and I am feeding in a DC signal into Vin+ via a 50Ohm resistor with
  • RE: AD9215选型


  • AD9215内部参考电压不正确


  • RE: Question about AD8370

    Hi, Kazu,

        The AD8370 runs on single 5V supply, so the input and output common-mode range are ~ +/- 1.6V around mid-supply (i.e., from 0.9 to 4.1V), but max. output swing will be reduced as the output common-mode level approaches either extreme.  The…

  • RE: PLL's for Low Jitter Clock applications

    Hi Chris,

    The low frequency and low divider ratios possible with the ADF4001 mark it out as a candidate for low frequency clocks.

    If the ADF4001 is used with a very narrow loop bandwidth (like 10 Hz)  then the VCXO will dominate the jitter performance…

  • AD9215输入端串联的33欧电阻的作用




  • Signal amplification jitter problem

    Waveform signal after amplification 40dB AD8336. With the ad9215 to 100m sampling rate acquisition and waveform top will appear jitter, with an oscilloscope view, like the top of the analog signal is there are a lot of clutter like, as shown in the video…

  • RE: Minimum Frequency of Inputs for AD9214 and AD6644

    Hi David,

    I started the design (and layout) with the AD9214 but I am questioning my wisdom due to the end of the device.

    The AD9215 is also not a new comer, but its a little newer and the Eval boards are available (I was told the AD9214 Eval boards…