• AD9213 API's

    Hii team,

             Is there any API's for AD9213 ADC. We are using AD9213 with VCU118, since we could not find any  no_os files for AD9213. Is there any software reference for AD9213 ADC.

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    Goli Ganesh

  • RE: AD9213 Architecture related queries


    The TRIG_x pin is used for hopping to/from different frequency profiles.

    If you do not need to synchronize multiple AD9213s, you do not need to use Averaged SYSREF mode. Averaged SYSREF mode is for Multi-Chip Synchronization.

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  • AD9213 PLL Unlocked, Link status CGS

    Hi team,

                I am building driver for AD9213 with VCU118. I have taken AD9208 VCU118 reference, I have tried to configure it, but I am facing some issues related to SDK. Since there are no APIs for AD9213, I am configuring the registers of AD9213 provided…

  • RE: AD9213 test mode - loss of link

    Hii  ,

      I'm also using HTG-12ADC-16DAC FMC board with VCU118. In HTG-12ADC (AD9213), HMC7044 does not generate ADC clock, but only generates ADC_SYSREF. The clock for AD9213 is produced by ADF7431, which is initialized by HMC7044. I want to…

  • RE: Missing User patterns data in AD9213

    Hi Dougl,

    Have you found any information regarding to my issue yet?

  • AD9213 using JESD204B Rx ADI IP: Lane Alignment Problem


    I'm using the AD9213 ADC along with the ADI JESD IP. I have been able to successfully configure the part and link the JESD interface - FPGA Rx Link Layer is reporting "DATA" state. Thus has completed CGS and ILA phases. I then write 0x12 to AD9213…

  • AD9213 NO-OS files

    Dear team ,

                      There is a FPGA reference design for AD9213 for intel board but I couldnt find any NO-OS drivers for that project .

    I am trying to build AD9213 project with xilinx board .If there are any C files related to AD9213 for configuring it ,please…

  • AD9213 - SPI stalling CSB & Word Length

    The AD9213 datasheet (Rev. A), Page 73 implies that the Instruction Phase contains data bits to control the word length of the transaction as it states:

    "In addition to word length, the instruction phase determines whether the serial frame is a read…

  • RE: JESD204 IP for AD9213 and AD9172

    Hi Kumar_B,

    Up to this time, I could bring up the link between AD9213 ( which is on HTG-FMC-12ADC-16DAC) and VCU128 FPGA kit and passed some test modes in AD9213 but still got some little trouble. If you need my support, please contact me through:


  • EVAL-AD9213 Output Data Inversion


    For the EVAL-AD9213 Board I can see from the schematic that the Differential Data Output Lanes are as follows:

    Lane 0: Normal

    Lane 1: Normal

    Lane 2: Inverted

    Lane 3: Inverted

    Lane 4: Normal

    Lane 5: Inverted

    Lane 6: Normal

    Lane 7: Inverted

    Lane 8:…