• AD9213 Architecture related queries

    Dear Team,

         The AD9213 is a Complex ADC or Real ADC. Since by default it uses single converter (M = 1)  and 16 lanes.

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  • RE: AD9213 FPGA Reference Design

    Hii Dougl,

    Could you please share me the FPGA source code for AD9213 ?

  • AD9213 test mode issues

    Hi experts, 

    I have a EVAL-9213 board to do some test. Some test modes in 9213 were not worked very well.

    For exmple, i want send user data from register 0x558 to 0x55f, but 9213 can't work.

    Some registers configurations were as below:

    0x0000 --> 0x81…

  • AD9213 Evaluation

    Hi there,
    We have purchased the AD9213-10GEBZ evaluation board and ADS8-V1EBZ for ADC Characterization.
    I have set up with me and was trying to use ACE Software as mentioned -> https://wiki.analog.com/ad9213
    But we are interested in capturing ADC…
  • AD9213: How a frame is assembled when using N'=12, N=12, L=12,CS=0?

    Dear Community members,

    We are going to use AD9123 with  Xilinx FPGA.
    The ADC sampling clock frequency is 8GHz.
    The following are link configuration parameters
    LR=10Gbps, L=12, M=1, F=1, S=8, HD=1, N=12, N'=12, CS=0, K=32
    In this case samples will be…

  • RE: Sample clock for AD9213 and 9172 on Hitech Global board

    Hi, it's not clear whether you found the answer to your question. This hi-tech global board block diagram is incomplete. There is another clock gen IC on the board, the adf4371. So, the HMC7044 generates the ref clocks for FPGA JESD204B tranceivers, the…

  • Queries regarding AD9213 during the development of FPGA reference design

    Dear Team ,

                        I am trying to bring up AD9213 on hitech global card ( http://www.hitechglobal.com/FMCModules/12-bitADC_10Gsps.htm) along with VCU118.

    As a start I am developing the FPGA design and I am observing AD9208 dual_ebz VCU118 reference design as…

  • AD9213 : Analog Input bandwidth


    Our customer wants to have the graph of analog input bandwidth of AD9213 or the S-parameter data.
    Do you have the graph or S-parameter data?

    In Sep 2018, the input bandwidth graph was not prepared at that time.

    If it had been…

  • AD9213 IBIS Model


    is there any IBIS Model for the AD9213 available?

    Or can someone give me a hint where to get the model?

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  • AD9213

    AD9123 datasheet says that the working temperature is -20℃ to +115℃, and the last page of the datasheet says that it can startup at -40℃. Can I ask if it can work at - 40 ℃.