• RE: AD9213 MCS Accuracy

    Hi Jamey,

    In the scenario you mention it would make sense that the difference between two AD9213 would be up to two sample clock periods.

    But, the way the AD9213 is designed is that the local (internal) SYSREFs are aligned to within 1 sample clock period…

  • AD9213 Bring Up

    Hi Experts:

    I tried to bring up AD9213 with the ADS-V1EBZ to acquire the baseband data.
    I followed the quick start guide on ADI wiki.

    My settings and steps were following it.


     I used a typical LVDS REF 625MHz and 10GHz sampling…

  • AD9213 FPGA reference design


    Our company is interested in integrating the AD9213 in our FPGA-based acquisition system. We are using the Virtex Ulstrascale + VU13P.

    Could you please tell me if there is an FPGA reference design given by Analog Devices? I know that the AD9213…

  • Complex output of AD9213


    I would like to know the format of the samples coming over JESD204b on the SERDOUT lanes of the AD9213. I understand what it would be for real outputs but I would like to have complex and real outputs. I am using the following configuration.

  • RE: AD9213 SPI

    Hi SimonR,

    Thank you for your interest in AD9213. The AD9213 has a 3-wire SPI interface comprised of the following pins/balls: SDIO (G12), SCLK (F12), and CSB (F13).

    A document describing the SPI interface is found here:

  • AD9213 Fast Detect Bit

    I am trying to probe the fast detection bit on the AD9213. I am following the register assignements based on page 34 of the datasheet. I have enabled the FD_FINE_EN bit on the FD_CTRL register, but whenever I input a signal at any level and probe the FD…

  • AD9213-10EBZ Plug-in


    My customer have purchased the AD9213-10EBZ But, They could not find the AD9213-10EVB plug-in on ACE software.

    Could you please provide the AD9213-10EBZ plug-in file ?


  • AD9213 FPGA Sample Code

    Hi Support,

    I purchased AD9213 Evaluation Board.

    Does FPGA Sample code of AD9213 exist?

    Let me know how to download it.

    Best Regards,


  • AD9213 Full Scale Level


    I see the AD9213 lists 1.4Vpp at 50 Ohm differential as it's full scale input level typical, just shy of 7dBm. Is there data available for this over frequency? I did an experiment on the AD9213 eval module and came up with a curve over frequency…

  • AD9213 Power Consumption


    We noticed in the datasheet that the power and currents quotes all come with the footnote, DDC off. Are the numbers with the DDC on available or is there a % we should add to the given numbers to help us with our analysis?