• RE: HIGH-speed ADC choise


    Please use AD9213. www.analog.com/ad9213


  • AD9213-10EBZ Plug-in


    My customer have purchased the AD9213-10EBZ But, They could not find the AD9213-10EVB plug-in on ACE software.

    Could you please provide the AD9213-10EBZ plug-in file ?


  • RE: Can a single AD9689 achieve time interleaved sampling?

    AD9689 does not support time interleaving. You can use AD9213. www.analog.com/ad9213

  • AD9213 : model number of FMC connector which is used in AD9213-10GEBZ


    Our customer is interested in AD9213 and he wants to evaluate with intel FPGA development board(A10-GX, etc).

    But the FMC connector which is used in AD9213-10GEBZ is different from normal FMC connector.

    He is planning to make adaptor to bridge…

  • RE: AD9213 what bandwidth will this part support?

    Hi Gizmoaudio,

    Thank you for your interest in AD9213.

    The AD9213 has 16 output lanes so the output drivers are able to support a non-decimated full bandwidth configuration at 10Gsps. The data rate at 10Gsps, JESD N' = 16, L = 16, no decimation, 

  • AD9213 FPGA Sample Code

    Hi Support,

    I purchased AD9213 Evaluation Board.

    Does FPGA Sample code of AD9213 exist?

    Let me know how to download it.

    Best Regards,


  • RE: AD9213 Analog Input bandwidth graph

    Hi Sharna,

    Thanks for your interest in AD9213. We'll likely have an analog input bandwidth graph in the datasheet after the AD9213 is released, though we do not have this graph as of this moment.



  • RE: AD9213 SPI

    Hi SimonR,

    Thank you for your interest in AD9213. The AD9213 has a 3-wire SPI interface comprised of the following pins/balls: SDIO (G12), SCLK (F12), and CSB (F13).

    A document describing the SPI interface is found here:

  • RE: AD9213 Power Consumption

    You are very welcome.


  • RE: AD9213, the internal PLL to multiply the sample clock,

    Hi X2kJosh,

    Thanks for your interest in AD9213. I've sent you an email with a little information regarding this.