• AD9212单端输入



  • An issue about AD9212-40

    Dear Engineers,

    I encountered some issues about AD9212-40, could you please help check them

    1、when CLK doesn't connect the common-mode voltage, what is voltage for pin9(clk-) and pin10(clk+), should it be 1.6V or 1.25V.

    2、  how to start the test…

  • single-ended input configuration of AD9212

    I am using AD9212 with single-ended input configuration.

    As depicted in the picture above, which shown the single-ended input configuration.

    However, my input arrange is 0~2V.

    Could annyone tell me how to interface a 0~2V signal with AD9212.


  • Default configuration AD9212-40 without SPI

    Good day.

    I use AD9212-40 and don't want to configure it by myself, because the default settings suits me. Thus the FPGA, which control pins CSB, SCLK and SDIO connect them to VCC (CSB pin) or GND (SCLK and SDIO pins). I understand correctly, that…

  • 关于AD9212芯片的问题



    2、AD9212 datasheet  Rev.E 中第22页Figure49单端信号输入图中的R、C、CDIFF的值分别是多少?实际应用电路可以按照该图直接连接2V的单端信号吗?


  • the quick start guide for AD9212/22/52 EVB.

    For AD9222EVB, AD9222's datasheet have several paragraphs about the EVB's use.
    I want to know whether we have a document which describe how to use the EVB?


    See attachment
  • 为什么在使用AD9212-40的时候,没有信号输出

    1、我看datasheet 应该是只要电源地接通了,DCO、FCO应该是5倍clk+-时钟啊,是这样的吗,我理解的对吗?





  • AN-877 address truth table?

    Hi folks,

    I'm trying to program the AD9212 chip into standby mode with FPGA.

    I tried to look up the note AN-877 and found that very surprisingly,

    in the note it said in the instruction phase the last 13 bits  (A12~A0) are for addressing,


  • RE: AD9257 Xilinx IP

    Hi Buckd,

    For example:

    • AD9637 is the 12bit version of the AD9257 (14bit). They use the same FPGA program.
    • The AD9249 is a 14bit 16 channel ADC that uses the same output drivers and format as the AD9257. It uses a different FPGA program because we have…
  • RE: About AD9222 evalution board and the capture board (HSC-ADC-EVALC)


    The AD9222 Eval Brd requires the "HSC-ADC-FIFO5-INTZ" adaptor brd to interface to the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ as noted on our High-Speed ADC Evaluation Brd Info portal at: http://www.analog.com/en/analog-to-digital-converters/ad-converters/products…