• AD9211 Chip Grade

    We're using a pair of AD9211 300MSPS ADCS in a design and as a house keeping exercise we are now reading the chip ID and chip grade.

    The reading of chip ID agrees with the datasheet (0x6) however the chip grade does not agree.

    We read 0x2 whereas…

  • AD9211 in ddr mode

    I use AD9211-200 adc in ddr mode with Cyclone III FPGA, and have problem with digital data interface. The image shows data that i get from adc for sample rate 200 MHz and input sine wave 200.05 MHz.

    Bit 0 from adc allways zero. Bits 4 and 5 are not…

  • AD9211 output voltage compatibility issue

    Am developing a board using AD9211 interfaced with Virtex-5 FPGA. Outputs of the ADC are at LVDS 1.8V and these outputs have to be given to an FPGA bank working at 2.5V. Are these outputs compatible with FPGA 2.5V ?

  • Hardware Interfacing of AD9211 Control Pins

    In datasheet of AD9211(attached below), on page No.23, it is written that "All serial pins(SCLK/DFS, SDIO/DCS) are inputs with an open-drain configuration and should be tied to an external pull-up or pull-down resistor (suggested value of 10 kΩ)".…

  • External trigger for AD9211 and AD9230 evaluation boards


    I have two high-speed ADC evaluation boards: AD9211 and AD9230, both working with the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ interface board.

    I saw from this thread on Engineerzone http://ez.analog.com/message/75649 that, downloading a different firmware to the FPGA…

  • How to get the user's guide of EVAL-AD9211


    I want to buy a EVAL-AD9211, but I don't know where I can get the user's guide that show more detail information about EVAL-AD9211.

  • 急请教ad9211-300的spi配置问题




  • AD9211ad9230_relationship

    I want the layout information about AD9211 EVAL board.


    the AD9211 is the 10-bit version of the Ad9230.  these are pin compatible and
    share the same eval board so the Ad9230 or AD9230-11 eval board info would be
    better suited. 
  • RE: Question about High speed ADC


    I've got this chip AD9211-200 with AD8138 as the ADC driver,actually AD8138 maybe the 2nd choice chip on your recommended ADC driver for AD9211 list,I think it's all OK.

    I found AD9211 is a internal bias ADC,and I need the ADC to be good…

  • Schematic for AD9230 Eval

    I have an eval board for the AD9230 and I am wanting to confirm which schematic to use for reference. I see here: https://ez.analog.com/message/169337#169337 that it shares the PCB of the AD9434, but the board shown in the image in the thread is different…