• RE: How to get the user's guide of EVAL-AD9211

    the AD9211 is the 10-bit version of the AD9434. the user guide can be accessed here

    UG-290 (Rev. 0) (analog.com)

  • RE: AD9211 output voltage compatibility issue

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  • AD9211 Chip Grade

    We're using a pair of AD9211 300MSPS ADCS in a design and as a house keeping exercise we are now reading the chip ID and chip grade.

    The reading of chip ID agrees with the datasheet (0x6) however the chip grade does not agree.

    We read 0x2 whereas…

  • RE: AD9211 in ddr mode

    In the original datasheet of AD9211 there is still the same mistake for DDR pinout that was reported here more than 5 years ago. So now I have to make a new pcb...

    There is another mistake in the same datasheet on p. 23 (CONFIGURATION WITHOUT THE SPI…

  • RE: 急请教ad9211-300的spi配置问题


  • RE: External trigger for AD9211 and AD9230 evaluation boards


    The FPGA code for these products are developed over time, and they are sometimes developed by different teams. 



  • Hardware Interfacing of AD9211 Control Pins

    In datasheet of AD9211(attached below), on page No.23, it is written that "All serial pins(SCLK/DFS, SDIO/DCS) are inputs with an open-drain configuration and should be tied to an external pull-up or pull-down resistor (suggested value of 10 kΩ)".…

  • AD9211ad9230_relationship

    I want the layout information about AD9211 EVAL board.


    the AD9211 is the 10-bit version of the Ad9230.  these are pin compatible and
    share the same eval board so the Ad9230 or AD9230-11 eval board info would be
    better suited.