• RE: AD9208 PN checker.

    Thanks Judy. My interest is more in checking the PN data received from the AD9208.

    I've since found that the Xilinx JESD204C IP has an internal PN data checker which should be compatible with the sequence produced by the AD9208.

    I'm wondering if anyone…

  • AD9208-DUAL-3000EBZ configuration with ACE


    I'm trying to configure AD9208-DUAL-3000EBZ with ACE (ref : ACE 1.23.3085.1388_offline).

    The ADC is connected to ADS8 board.

    For information, there were not any problem to configure both AD9689-2600EBZ we get.

    When ACE is launched, AD9208-3000EBZ…

  • AD9208

    Hi everyone,

    I read the datasheet of AD9208 and found a question. In the table on  page 74 of the datasheet, as the figure below shows, why HD of the second confiugration is 1?

    I think that the frame construction is like the picture below. So I think HD…

  • AD9208

    Is it possible to propgram one of the gpio pin to indicate a loss of lock on the pll?

    If so how do I do this?

  • AD9208

    I am looking for a good 3 or 6 GHz clock source for the AD9208 that is battery portable. Anyone have any suggestions. I am new to these high speed ADCs and finding compliant components are challenging. 

  • ADS8-V1EBZ ,AD9208-3000EBZ And EVAL-AD917x HDL Project

    Hello, ADI:
    I am using ADS8-V1EBZ and AD9208-3000EBZ and EVAL-AD917x (9172) development boards.
    Is ADI willing to provide open source HDL projects for FPGA secondary development?

    We want to integrate three circuit boards into one circuit board.

  • AD9208 verification model


    I am looking for VHDL or Verilog model for the AD9208.

    I am designing ASIC that would interface to multiple ADC chips and need simulation model to make sure interface is working correctly.

    Any recommendations on IP vendor for jesd204B IP that would…

  • AD9208 S-parameter

    How is the AD9208 S-parameters measured?

    What is the reference plane? Are there any components between the pin and the measurement connectors (i.e 10Ohm resistor/0.4pF cap)? What is the physical length from the pins to the measurement connectors? Is the…