• RE: HMC7044 2600MHz output recommendation for AD9208

    Hi Joe,

    AC-coupled LVPECL is recommended as it has higher amplitude at high frequencies. You can use 150Ω (instead of 240Ω) as the DC path resistors.

    Regards, Kazim

  • RE: Questions about dc-coupled application of AD9208

    1. the input common mode (at VINA+/- or VINB+/-) voltage will change based on the buffer current setting. It can change from a typical of 1.32V to around 1.52V. If using the export VCM feature, please follow the instructions as described in the datasheet…

  • AD9208 max datarate with ADS7-V2

    Hey everyone,

    I'm trying to acquire data using the AD9208-3000EB eval board together with an ADS7-V2.

    From the tutorial at https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/ad9208-3000ebz I understand, that ADS7-V2 can only be used with a lane line rate up to…

  • RE: AD9208 SYSREF+/-

    2xVID = 400mV to 1800mV

  • ad9208 input circuit


    i am using the ad9208.c

    in the ad9208 evb, the input circuit of adc is composed with the balun.

    I think the performance of balun transformer is good. but it has much loss of signals.

    So, I wanted to get information for differential amplifier as…

  • RE: AD9208 S-parameter

    no front end components. this part is a flipchip BGA part.

  • RE: AD9208 Differential Input Configurations

    I have a follow up question. Why on both the datasheet and the eval board is the input signal divided by the use of four 25Ohm resistors. Why not, instead, just put have two 50ohm resistors to create 100Ohm across the balun?

    Referencing the datasheet…

  • AD9208

    Hi everyone,

    I read the datasheet of AD9208 and found a question. In the table on  page 74 of the datasheet, as the figure below shows, why HD of the second confiugration is 1?

    I think that the frame construction is like the picture below. So I think HD…

  • RE: AD9208 Invalid JESD204B parameter combination?

    please see datasheet for supported modes!

  • AD9208

    Is it possible to propgram one of the gpio pin to indicate a loss of lock on the pll?

    If so how do I do this?