• ad9208 Data conversion error

    The acquisition circuit is designed according to the circuit diagram recommended by the AD9208 datasheet, and everything is normal. Change the ADC input matching circuit to reduce the insertion loss of the channel, and the circuit diagram has been changed…

  • ADC (AD9208) and DAC (AD9174) power supply

    We now need a power supply tree for the ADC (AD9208) and the DAC (AD9174) so that we can utilize any one of the cases shown in the attached file, considering maximum ambient temperatures of +65°C to +85°C of the chassis.one of case we want use. so can…

  • RE: AD9208-3000 EBZ -clocking

    Can the reference clock of jesd204b only be provided through J3?


    Do the two clocks need the same source?


  • AD9208 Alias Protected Bandwidth

    Can you elaborate on 'Alias protected bandwidth'? I can see that as the decimation ratio increases this bandwidth drops, but what effect does this have? Ref. page 52, Table 18.

    For example, if our band of interest is up to 1GHz and we use a refclk…

  • AD9208 vcm export


    I would like to connect a DC coupled signal to AD9208, and I would like to connect a VCM signal to my opamp buffer. (i'm using AD9208-3000EBZ board with differential inputs)

    I went with the procedure described on page 26 of AD9208 "Input Common…

  • AD9208-DUAL-EBZ noise figure


    I’m tryng to evaluate the noise figure on the AD9208-DUAL-EBZ evaluation board at the frequency of 200MHz. The noise figure of the ADC is about 25dB (from data sheet), but in front of the ADC thare is a matching network front end with resistors…

  • RE: FPGA Reference Design for AD9208-3000EBZ

    Hi,I am using ad9208-3000ebz. According to the clock diagram in the user manual, I find that there is no homology requirement for the relevant clock of jesd204b.When I used JESD204B before, the clocks were all output through the clock chip (such as HMC7044…

  • I can not get sampled data from AD9208-3000EBZ


    I have trouble in AD9208-3000EBZ.
    I'm using it with ADS7-V2EBZ.
    An error dialog appears as follows when I execute "Run once" in the Analysis tab.

    At this moment, S1 to S4 LED, which are mounted on ADS7-V2EBZ, are turned on.

    I set the…

  • Problems of AD9208 Two-channel Performance Difference

    I use one AD9208 with my custom board now , in performance test , I find that the performance of the two channels is very different. 

    1. My configuration, in addition, I additionally turned on the DC offset filt function:


    2. Test environment:

        1) Use…

  • AD9208 uses the data format of the data collected by 204B

    Now use Xilinx FPGA for the secondary development of AD9208. We have used ila to capture the ADC data, but when using matlab for data processing, we don’t know the data format and can’t recover the correct waveform for parameter calculation. Would you…