• AD9200


    There is material that I want you to offer.

    Please send IBIS or SPICE.

    Thank you.

  • AD9200 Setup/hold timing


    I have a question AD9200.

    AD9200 has Data Valid Delay 25ns on Figure31. Timing Diagram.

    But I want to know Setup/hold time.

    If you know please teach me ..

    Best regards


  • AD9200 Analog input range


    I have a problem AD9200,

    When setteing is AVDD=5.5V, REFTS=2.5V,REFBS=0.56V,CLAMP=0.66V , output digital data is strange sometimes.

    But setting is AVDD=5.5V, REFTS=5.0V,REFBS=3.0V,CLAMP=3.1V, output digital data is correct.

    If it's something…

  • AD9200 Analog Input Range


    I have a question AD9200 analog input range.

    I selected TOP/BOTTOM mode , REFTS=2.5V, REFTF=0.6V , CLAMPPIN=0.7V .

    If REFTS,  REFTF, CLAMPPIN maked amplified , resistance divisionused  that used internal reference VREF output is 2V, 

    If this setting…

  • Glitches in AD9200's conversion results

    When I apply a nice and smooth (almost) fullscale sinewave to the AIN analog input of the AD9200 A/D-converter in my application, I observe massive glitches in the conversion results around the points where MSB bits are changing, e.g. around 0.5 fullscale…

  • AD9200 : Min and max value of tod.

    Hello ,

    I have a question from a customer about tod of AD9200.

    About data valid delay(tod), it is indicated only typical value in the datasheet.

    Customer wants to know how about the range of it.

    Do you know the range(min~max) of tod ?

    Best regards…

  • Input Impeadance of AD9200 ( General Input Impedance of Unbuffered Switched Cap Input ADC's)

    Input Impeadance of AD9200 ( General Input Impedance of Unbuffered Switched Cap Input ADC's) by ChrisH

    For most UNBUFFERED switched-capacitor input ADC's the input impedance is

    Zin =   1/(Ch * Fs)

    (-- for example see "Design Of Analog Integrated…

  • RE: AD9200_θJa


    The AD9200 is a legacy product released 20+yrs ago before we started routinely including package thermal characteristics. My best recommendation to approximate ThetaJA on the AD9200 would be to compare it to a newer product that shares similar Package…

  • AD9200_REF_accuracy(2VMODE)


    Please tell me about REF precision of AD9200.

    What are the VREF min and max in 2V mode?

  • RE: Please suggest high-speed ADC (5 - 50 MSPS) for sampling AD8318


    You may want to consider the AD9200 (10-bit, 20 MSPS, parallel output) ADC since it shows an application circuit (figure 19 of datasheet) that allows to configure for a 0 to 2 V input span which is in the range of the AD8318 detector output span…