• Hopping frequency for AD9177


    I am trying to scan the frequency using AD9177, and reading the datasheet shows there is a fast frequency hopping functionality. Could someone please tell me how to find minimum time to hop between frequencies. 

  • AD9177 DDS Generate LFM Chirp


    I'm looking at using the AD9177 DDS to generate LFM chirp waveform for a radar application.  Since our application is low-power, I'm interfacing it with an MSP430 uC and therefore, am using only the SPI interface and not the JESD204 interface.…

  • Can I sync multiple AD9177 DDS chips together when I'm controlling by SPI bus only, not JESD204B?


    I have a low-power application using 8 of these DDS chips requiring sync.  Can I sync multiple AD9177 DDS chips together when I'm controlling it by SPI bus only, not JESD204B? Thank you.

  • RE: 1.5us chirp 166MHz linear modulation bandwidth with 600MHz central frequency

    Hi, if no other specific requirements, high RF speed DACs, such as AD9162, AD9172 and AD9177, can generate it.  

  • RE: JESD204C Support ADC/DAC

    check out AD9207, AD9209, AD9177

  • RE: AD9172 unused output

    8bit resolution :) ... incredible, considering that since then we also released the full MxFE line up of AD9081/2 and AD9177!


  • Can the ADS8 board be used to support AD9081-FMC-EBZ in any circumstances?

    My customer wishes to evaluate the AD9177.

    All documentation say that to evaluate this part the AD9081-FMCA-EBZ is the correct evaluation board to evaluate AD9177.  Understood. The documentation for the AD9081-FMCA-EBZ cites that the ADS9 is mandatory…

  • RE: AD9173 Multi RF Output Operation

    Hi Komugi, 

    Yes, that is true. The NCOs can be reset relative to a SYSREF edge. Please see the procedure in this post: 

    (+) Synchronizing phases of DAC0 and DAC1 in AD9173 NCO only mode - Q&A - High-Speed DACs - EngineerZone (analog.com)

    You may also…

  • RE: 1.5us chirp 166MHz linear modulation bandwidth

    As far as I understood with AD9914 I could use the Digital Ramp Generator, that can run at 10ns steps (1/24 f_SYSCLK). If this is correct, the chirp (1.5us, 166MHz band) would be modulated in 150 ~1.1MHz steps, right?

    This is not so good for my needs…

  • AD9144的四路通道同步输出