• AD9177 Rise Time

    Hi there

    I want to know the switching characteristic output rise time from 10% to 90% for the AD9177. It is not shown in the datasheet.

    Also, when I try to find the EVM, notice that the EVM for AD9177 is for AD9081 as well. Do you have a specific EVM…

  • AD9177: can channel-to-channel be phase shifted by 90 degrees?


    Regarding the integrated DDS/DAC AD9177, I'm looking to avoid having to use JESD204B and use only SPI interface.  Is there a way to do phase shift between two channels, say, 90 degrees using only SPI? Thank you.

  • RE: Hopping frequency for AD9177


    Hopping time would depend on the method one would use for hopping. Using the GPIO you should see the phase settle in <150nS. if using SPI it will take longer - hence AD9174 (which does not have the GPIO option) takes ~300nS. 

    The NCO itself settles…

  • RE: AD9177 DDS Generate LFM Chirp

    Hi alybruin,

    I am sure you had moved on since, so for posterity and the greater benefit - no, we do not have RF DACs with a built in LFM generation engine, at the moment.  


  • Can I sync multiple AD9177 DDS chips together when I'm controlling by SPI bus only, not JESD204B?


    I have a low-power application using 8 of these DDS chips requiring sync.  Can I sync multiple AD9177 DDS chips together when I'm controlling it by SPI bus only, not JESD204B? Thank you.

  • RE: AD9172 unused output

    Is the same true for the AD9177 unused outputs?

  • RE: 1.5us chirp 166MHz linear modulation bandwidth with 600MHz central frequency

    [quote userid="92773" url="~/data_converters/high-speed_dacs/f/q-a/554037/1-5us-chirp-166mhz-linear-modulation-bandwidth-with-600mhz-central-frequency"]with 166MHz[/quote] I think at 1.5us no more about 22 (50) frequency steps with AD9177.
  • RE: JESD204C Support ADC/DAC

    check out AD9207, AD9209, AD9177

  • Can the ADS8 board be used to support AD9081-FMC-EBZ in any circumstances?

    My customer wishes to evaluate the AD9177.

    All documentation say that to evaluate this part the AD9081-FMCA-EBZ is the correct evaluation board to evaluate AD9177.  Understood. The documentation for the AD9081-FMCA-EBZ cites that the ADS9 is mandatory…

  • RE: AD9173 Multi RF Output Operation

    Hi Komugi, 

    Yes, that is true. The NCOs can be reset relative to a SYSREF edge. Please see the procedure in this post: 

    (+) Synchronizing phases of DAC0 and DAC1 in AD9173 NCO only mode - Q&A - High-Speed DACs - EngineerZone (analog.com)

    You may also…