• AD9176 Clocking Recommendations


    With the AD9176-FMC-EBZ evaluation board, we are creating a wide-band transmitter, using specifically JESD modes 12, 20, or 21. 

    As the clocking and the jitter associated with it greatly dictates the overall system performance, would the on-board…

  • AD9176 SYNCOUT

    When using AD9176 in both single-link and dual-link mode therefore need two SYNCOUT signals.

    The data sheet mentions possibility of combining two SYNCOUT signals in dual-link mode inside the DAC (register 0x110, bit 6); Will the combined SYNC signals…

  • AD9176 JESD Formatting


    I wanted to confirm how we are packing bits onto the JESD204B bus with the AD9176.

    We are in Mode 4. We have a complex waveform we are sending to the DAC from our FPGA board. Currently we have lanes 0 - 3. In the table on page 34 the following…

  • AD9176: DAC 1 not working


    I've been trying to configure the AD9176 to do some output signal strength testing. I am testing the main channel paths for both DAC outputs, so I am using the NCO only test mode. I followed the power up sequence and register writes on page 73…

  • AD9176 FMC Evaluation Board

    Good morning,


    I am working with the AD9176-FMC Evaluation Board. I am trying to configure the DAC through the SPI interface connected to the FMC connector. 

    The steps I am following are: 

    1) Configure the board with the ACE software using the USB cable…

  • an AD9172 vs AD9176 comparison

    We are in mid-design phase, but considering swapping out the AD9172 for the AD9176.  It looks like for the most part it shouldn't set us back much at all on either the configuration side of things or the PCB side, but I was wondering if there was a write…

  • AD9176 DAC Output Network


    We are looking are switching to the AD9176 from the AD9172. One thing I noticed is the AD9172 recommends a DC coupling output network to the Balun with RF Chokes close to the balun. On the AD9176, page 69 of the datasheet, it talks about being…

  • ADS8-V1EBZ with an AD9176 FMC eval board "Error Loading FPGA Image"


    I am using the ADS8-V1EBZ with an AD9176 FMC eval board.

    I'm getting the following error when I use DPG Lite:

    "Error Loading FPGA Image" 

    Attached is a screen shot of the message. 

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • AD9176 SPI R/W


    We are encountering a strange issue that I've yet to find a solution for. For reference, we are operating in Mode 11 and using the interpolation filters, NCOs, and complex mixers. 

    As we transition to conducting all SPI R/W from ACE to using…

  • AD9176 and Xilinx VCU108 Integration

    Hey all,

    Presently, we are trying to integrate the AD9176 evaluation board with Xilinx's VCU108 FPGA board. As of right now, we cannot get anything out of the output of the DAC and are trying to troubleshoot as to why.

    The following is all the setup…