• AD9176: ACE could not find AD9176-FMC-EBZ


    Our customer has trouble in evaluating AD9176.
    He is trying to do the "DC TEST MODE", he connects PC and AD9716-FMC-EBZ using a USB cable, without ADS8-V1EBZ.
    The device manager finds AD9176-FMC-EBZ but the ACE software could not find it…

  • RE: Deterministic latency: AD9176 vs AD9162

    For the AD916x products yoiu should be able to achieve deterministic latency to within 1 DAC clock cycle following the procedure used in the multi-chip sync described in the attached.

    <<AD916x MCS Procedure_v0.5.pdf>>

  • RE: AD9176-FMC-EBZ DAC reference clock issue

    Hi savalos, 

    Generally, we recommend using multiples of 122.88MHz. This is due to the 122.88MHz VCXO we picked as a reference to HMC7044's PLL2. The VCXO is locked via HMC7044's PLL1 to external reference. 

    It is possible to replace the VCXO, if…

  • AD9176 API


    I am starting to write our firmware for AD9176; however, I noticed the API referenced in the documentation for AD917x-API only supports AD9171/AD9172/AD9173:


  • AD9176 channelizer


    Recently, I started with AD9176 datasheet. I am completely new to this DAC terminologies and sorry for my simple!!! question.

    My question is that what is channelizer? I see following figure in the datasheet.

    I can see same data is routed to three…

  • AD9176: DAC 1 not working


    I've been trying to configure the AD9176 to do some output signal strength testing. I am testing the main channel paths for both DAC outputs, so I am using the NCO only test mode. I followed the power up sequence and register writes on page 73…

  • AD9176 Settling Time

    What is the settling time for the AD9176 after changing the NCO from one frequency to another?

  • AD9176 NSD Performance


    Do you have some measurement result of AD9176 NSD with 12GSPS and 5GHz output?

    Even if there is a similar evaluation result for other equivalent parts (AD917x), it should be helpful for me.


    Taiki Mineno

  • AD9176 Power Sequence

    The AD9176 Rev B datasheet does not appear to clarify a required power sequence for the power rails.  Can you please define this requirement, or point me to a document that states what this might be? 

  • AD9176 Clocking Recommendations


    With the AD9176-FMC-EBZ evaluation board, we are creating a wide-band transmitter, using specifically JESD modes 12, 20, or 21. 

    As the clocking and the jitter associated with it greatly dictates the overall system performance, would the on-board…