• 8 PCS AD9175 Synchronization clock design

    Dear ADI colleague,

    I'm DFAE from ESPL, our customer will design a multi-channel digital process system which include 8 x ADC + 8 x AD9172,  ADC and DAC need synchronously working, the specific parameters of DAC as following:

    1. 4 x AD9172 every board…

  • RE: AD9174 Maximum Analog output frequency generation

    Whether AD9174 is pin compatible with AD9172, AD9173, AD9175 and AD9176. Can a common board layout be maintained to support all the chips.

  • RE: AD9173 lane assign in JESD Mode3

    Hi N.Kokubo, 

    Mode 3 has a single channel per link. Each channel is IQ. The link has M=2, meaning there are two streams, one for I and one for Q (M0Sx and M1Sx below).

    Yes, you could split I into DAC0 and Q into DAC1, using the Modulator Switch (a mux…

  • RE: AD9173 TXEN issue

    Hi Dordije,

    Certainly not the intended behavior... but is a known issue on an earlier Silicon revision. The R4a silicon has this resolved: 

    AD9171/2/3 were released on R2 silicon

    AD9174/5/6 were released on R4a silicon

    A later PCN has up-rev'd the AD9171…

  • ADI 新品速递(2019 年 5 月)

    ADI 5月新产品上线,想了解的筒子们不要错过!

    0.5 dB LSB6 位硅数字衰减器,9 kHz 40 GHz

    ADRF5720 是一款 6 位数字硅衰减器,以 0.5 dB 步长提供 31.5 dB 的衰减控制范围。该器件的工作频率范围为 9 kHz 至 40 GHz,提供优于 4.5 dB 的插入损耗和出色的衰减精度。在所有状态下,ADRF5720 的 ATTIN 端口具有 27 dBm(平均值)和 30 dBm(峰值)的射频 (RF) 输入功率处理能力。


    • 超宽带频率范围…
  • 超全产品合集丨ADI 2019年度硬核新品大集结,码起来慢慢看!


    小尺寸、高效率、低噪声、单片同步 4A 降压型 DC/DC 转换器 LTC3308A 

    LTC3308A 采用 2.25V 至 5.5V 输入电源,在高达 3 MHz 的开关频率下使用恒定频率峰值电流模式控制,最短接通时间低至 22 ns,可通过小型外部元件实现快速瞬态响应。Silent Sw…

  • Evaluating AD917X Family for Dual (I/Q) Signal Generation up to 4 GHz

    I am in the process of evaluating DACs for my project and think the AD917X family might be suitable for my application. Specifically, I would like to generate two signals, one in phase (I) and one in quadrature (Q) sweeping in frequency from maybe as…