• AD9174 Direct Clock

    Hello. I have a question about the AD9174.

    My customer focused on AD9174.
    The performance shown in Figure 38 seems to be especially appreciated by my customers.
    Figure 38. SSB Phase Noise vs. Frequency Offset over fOUT, fDAC = 12 GHz, Direct Clock (PLL…

  • ad9174 Fast Frequency Hopping

    As far as İ investigated the product family of AD917x, there is a FFH capability in AD9174. Is it something special to AD9174, or any other product in the family has the same capability?

  • Differences between AD9174 and AD9176


    I want to ask what is different between AD9174 and AD9176, because they look similar and I can't find any difference. 

    Thank you.

  • RE: No Deterministic Latency in ADIs JESD Subclass 1 converters?

    with Fdac=12GHz, 1DACCLK = 86pS, and the 250pS I mentioned earlier are ~3DACLK cycles.

    so the latency will stay deterministic, within 1 DACCLK cycle +- 250pS across the specified supply and temperature in the datasheet.

    Have you looked in the AD9174…

  • RE: Output sawtooth wave to AD9144

    Hi Mochi,

    To debug more effectively, is it possible to try this on a AD9144-EVB as well? This would help two fold, both to rule out DAQ2 board issues, and allow us to reproduce this in the lab if need be.

    all the data is very helpful, and if there…

  • RE: DAQ3 questions

    1, AD9152 on the DAQ3 is a Current output DAC, so the voltage swing in part depends on the load. Please see “output compliance range” in the datasheet.

    2. See the Docs at wiki.analog.com/.../ad-fmcdaq3-ebz I don't think this is exactly spec…