• AD9174 recommended ADC


    I am looking for a 16 bit resolution and >500 msps sampling rate high speed adc compatible with dac AD9174.

    pls suggest part number.



  • AD9174 SYSREF Clock

    We are using AD9174 RF DAC in NCO only mode. The communication to AD9174 is only through SPI.

    Is it required to connect SYSREF clock if we are not using JESD204 (i.e.,SERDES)

  • AD9174 initialization question

    When I initialize the AD9174 by API, I find a problem: the AD917x_reset function call the dac_init_sequence function, when reg 0x91 is wrote 0x00, the SPI mode is switched from 4-wire to 3-wire and reg 0x91 is still 0x01(default value). why?

  • AD9174 Direct Clock

    Hello. I have a question about the AD9174.

    My customer focused on AD9174.
    The performance shown in Figure 38 seems to be especially appreciated by my customers.
    Figure 38. SSB Phase Noise vs. Frequency Offset over fOUT, fDAC = 12 GHz, Direct Clock (PLL…

  • AD9174 computer operation


    i have a question to the AD9174 Eval Board. I would like to implement a simple sinus waveform and see the output power of the board. I have installed the DPG Downloader and ACE softwares. I generate the desired waveform with DPG but then, how can…

  • AD9174 - sample mapping


    I am working with a AD9174-FMC-EBC board in combination with a Trenz TE0808 (Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ SoC) and Trenz TEBF0808 (FMC and SoC carrier board). I have managed to get a JESD204B link (12.5 Gbps per lane, mode 12, single link) running. PRBS…

  • AD9174-FMC-EVB clock out

    I'm considering using the CLK OUT from an AD9174 eval board, but I'm not clear on how to set this up.  I'm not detecting a clock on the J3 CLK OUT port, and I don't see the reason for this on the schematic or in the ACE GUI.  Is there a…

  • AD9174 Spurious Output Issue

    I'm seeing poor spurious output from the AD9147 on my system, and I'm looking
    for help to find the root cause. The JESD204B signal source is a Xilinx Kintex
    Ultrascale FPGA. The FPGA and DAC are on custom printed circuit boards. The
    DAC sampling…

  • Differences between AD9174 and AD9176


    I want to ask what is different between AD9174 and AD9176, because they look similar and I can't find any difference. 

    Thank you.

  • ad9174 Fast Frequency Hopping

    As far as İ investigated the product family of AD917x, there is a FFH capability in AD9174. Is it something special to AD9174, or any other product in the family has the same capability?