• AD9174


    I'm studying how to use the AD9174.
    Please tell me some about JESD204B mode and datasheet.(sorry for the rudimentary question.)

    1.In the start-up sequence (Table.55) of the data sheet, among the setting values ​​related to JESD204B, there was…

  • AD9174 synchronous FFH using both DACs

    Our requirement is that we need two DAC outputs(DAC0 and DAC1), both generating different frequencies, to hop from one frequency to another simultaneously in phase discontinuous mode as described in FFH mode.

    • Each frequency hop will have a dwell time…
  • ad9174

    Hi Sir,

    I am using AD9174 with ads8 carrier card. I need to provide the 400MHz Bandwidth chirp as an input. how can i input this kind of data using ADS8

  • A weird power variation with AD9174 in high frequency mode


    I have recently purchased the ADS7-V2EBZ evaluation board with the AD9174 DAC in order to generate some signals of up to 1 GHz bandwidth. To do so, I have started to make some tests generating single tones at various frequencies using the mode…

  • AD9174

    Could you recommend an amplifier for AD9174 output ,and the amplifier need to meet 3G bandwidth scenarios, in addition, how to match them? is there need some special circuit matching method?

  • Maximum SCLK frequency for SPI in AD9174

    Hi, I am using AD9174 in NCO only/ DDS mode in my application board. But the frequency switching time is getting limited by the SPI clock rate while updating the FTW registers. Thus it is defeating my purpose of using the AD9174 over any PLL IC.

    In datasheet…

  • AD9174 initialization question

    When I initialize the AD9174 by API, I find a problem: the AD917x_reset function call the dac_init_sequence function, when reg 0x91 is wrote 0x00, the SPI mode is switched from 4-wire to 3-wire and reg 0x91 is still 0x01(default value). why?

  • AD9174 Direct Clock

    Hello. I have a question about the AD9174.

    My customer focused on AD9174.
    The performance shown in Figure 38 seems to be especially appreciated by my customers.
    Figure 38. SSB Phase Noise vs. Frequency Offset over fOUT, fDAC = 12 GHz, Direct Clock (PLL…

  • AD9174 computer operation


    i have a question to the AD9174 Eval Board. I would like to implement a simple sinus waveform and see the output power of the board. I have installed the DPG Downloader and ACE softwares. I generate the desired waveform with DPG but then, how can…

  • AD9174 SYSREF Clock

    We are using AD9174 RF DAC in NCO only mode. The communication to AD9174 is only through SPI.

    Is it required to connect SYSREF clock if we are not using JESD204 (i.e.,SERDES)