• AD9171 instantaneous bandwidth


    What is the maximum instantaneous bandwidth at output of AD9171, according to Nyquist Theorem?

    I think the combination of I and Q complex inputs gives 516 MSPS input data rate, so the maximum real bandwidth is about 250 MHz, and it's not possible…

  • AD9171 design issue


    Just want to ask the AD9171 design issue as below:

    1. Datashee page 56 showed below info, if can help to explain the following formula in detail:

    The ac differential current measured at DACx+ and DACx− is as follows:


  • FMC-AD9171-EBZ Sync


    Looking for anyone out there that has successfully gotten a JESD204 link to SYNC on z XILINX vc707 or ZC706.  I have had zero success in getting the lanes to sync on CGS.  I have seen quite a few posts with no one claiming success.  (Using the XILI…

  • AD9171 Output Power and Bit Resolution


    I have some questions about AD9171 DAC.

    1) The datasheet tells about only 12-bit and 16-bit full scale resolution. Is it possible to use a random bit resolution ? i.e. 4 bits resolution. If DACCODE is the way to do this, from which register can I change…

  • IBIS-AMI model file of AD9171, AD9172, AD9173

    Dear Analog

    I am looking for the IBIS AMI files for these three JESD204B DACs, in order to do some high speed simulations. But I guess AD917x are sharing same IBIS AMI files. Thanks.

    Best regards,


  • Problem with ACE software operating AD9171 in NCO only mode?


    I am testing the AD9171-FMC-EBZ demo board.  I am trying to operate it in NCO only mode.  I am using an external clock at 5 GHz.  On a spectrum analyzer the output is on frequency and I can change the frequency and amplitude as desired.  However, It…

  • where i can find  hdl refrence design for AD9171-fmc-EBZ

    where i can find  a hdl reference design for AD9171-fmc-EBZ or equivalent that can  work with it 

  • RE: AD9163 Clock Scheme

    Thank you for answer. It was very helpful.
    Lane rate is 6.144Gbps.

    1. The fout to be used is from 836MHz to 2.645GHz, so there is no need to use an interpolation filter. fDAC is 6.144GHz.

    2. It is not considered because it does not use an interpolation…

  • RE: AD9176 API

    Yes, the API for AD9171/2/3 can also be used for other AD917x devices.