• dac_fmc_ebz Reference Design with AD9171 & zcu102

    I'm using the dac_fmc_ebz reference project for the zcu102 with the AD9171 eval board and modifying the config.tcl script to create a single-link project for the ad9171 in JESD mode 3.  It generates the BIT file without any issue.  Then I use the Linux…

  • AD9171 instantaneous bandwidth


    What is the maximum instantaneous bandwidth at output of AD9171, according to Nyquist Theorem?

    I think the combination of I and Q complex inputs gives 516 MSPS input data rate, so the maximum real bandwidth is about 250 MHz, and it's not possible…

  • RE: FMC-AD9171-EBZ Sync


    Assumed that his has been answered offline. Please let us know if this is not the case.

  • AD9171 Output Power and Bit Resolution


    I have some questions about AD9171 DAC.

    1) The datasheet tells about only 12-bit and 16-bit full scale resolution. Is it possible to use a random bit resolution ? i.e. 4 bits resolution. If DACCODE is the way to do this, from which register can I change…

  • Problem with ACE software operating AD9171 in NCO only mode?


    I am testing the AD9171-FMC-EBZ demo board.  I am trying to operate it in NCO only mode.  I am using an external clock at 5 GHz.  On a spectrum analyzer the output is on frequency and I can change the frequency and amplitude as desired.  However, It…

  • RE: AD9171 design issue

    1. I believe the formula is not exact.

    Let me give one example.

    DACCODE is 2's complementary code:

    When DAC code = 32767, the differential current = 32767/32768 x IOUTFS x RINT (RLOAD + RINT)

    When DAC code = 0 the differential current = 0/32768 x…

  • where i can find  hdl refrence design for AD9171-fmc-EBZ

    where i can find  a hdl reference design for AD9171-fmc-EBZ or equivalent that can  work with it 

  • ad9171_fmc_ebz JESD

    I've been using the dac_fmc_ebz generic HDL project on the zcu102 to try to send data through the ad9171_fmc_ebz evaluation board, but I can't seem to get it to work.  To build the HDL project, I modified the config.tcl script to build for the…