• RE: Meeting Bandwidth requirements with AD916X/AD917X

    Hi Kiran,

    Thank you for your interest. Yes, you could use the AD916x to the same effect. it supports iBW up to 2.25GHz. I would suggest to set it  in either mix-mode (green, below) or 2xNRZ (red). 

    The explanations in the AD9162 and AD9166 datasheets are…

  • AD9164 driver


    We plan to use AD9164 in our product, but in kernel driver it shows only AD9162, and says that AD9166 is also a compatible driver.

    Can I assume that AD9164 is also compatible ? According to datasheet all the 3 devices us compatible (that's why…

  • AD9162/AD9172 FMC Cards has Reference design for ZCU102


    Does AD9166/AD9162/AD9172 FMC Evaluation cards has ZCU102 Motherboard reference designs,

    As per my search i am unable to findout. Please give me the link if anyone finds.

    Thanks In advance

  • RE: Wideband operation with AD9162

    Hi Taiki,

    Thanks for reaching out. Below are my answers to your questions:

    1. Yes, the AD9162 can generate a 4 GHz +/- 1 GHz signal. However, your system requirements (particularly the iBW spec) are demanding, so the performance of the AD9162 will not be…
  • iio-oscilloscope cmake error

    I am having difficulty building iio-oscilloscope from source on a raspberry pi 4 with the 64 bit OS.  Other builds on the 32 bit OS and Ubuntu have always worked fine. The closing stdout message is:

    -- Generating done
    CMake Generate step failed.  Build files…

  • ADI 全新中文资料(2019 年 10 月)

  • 精彩回顾丨IMS 2019上ADI都展示了哪些硬核技术?速来了解一下~

    美国微波技术展(IMS),是射频与微波专业人士聚集地,同时也是微波领域新学术研究、技术产品的发源地。展会同期的举办的微波研讨会,由国际电气和电子工程协会的微波理论和技术分会主办。本次IMS 2019在美国波士顿举行,ADI也参加了这次盛会~

    今天斑竹就为大家盘点下在IMS2019上,ADI在 RF 领域的进展,如何影响 5G、仪器仪表以及航空航天和防务。今年的演示还包括了适用于基站的 5G 毫米波无线电解决方案和毫米波安全检查贴片哦~精彩不容错过~

    首先来看看IMS 2019的盛况吧~