• RE: AD9162 Differential output to single ended without a balun

    hi, AD9162 can't support down to DC directly. however, we have another product AD9166(https://www.analog.com/en/products/ad9166.html) that can support down to DC with single-ended output. 

    AD9166 = AD916x DAC + AMP. the circuits between DAC and AMO…

  • RE: AD9161

    No, AD9161 doesn't support down to DC. 

    for DC support, please use AD9166. 

  • RE: AD9164_Max output frequency (CW 7.5GHz) setting

    CW 7.5 GHz output can be obtained with NCO only mode,  either with FIR85 enabled or in mix mode. DDR(FIR85) will be easier to filter but it will consume more power. Due to higher roll off from AD9164 we recommend using AD9166 for 7.5 GHz operation 


  • RE: Meeting Bandwidth requirements with AD916X/AD917X

    Hi Kiran,

    Thank you for your interest. Yes, you could use the AD916x to the same effect. it supports iBW up to 2.25GHz. I would suggest to set it  in either mix-mode (green, below) or 2xNRZ (red). 

    The explanations in the AD9162 and AD9166 datasheets are…

  • AD9164 driver


    We plan to use AD9164 in our product, but in kernel driver it shows only AD9162, and says that AD9166 is also a compatible driver.

    Can I assume that AD9164 is also compatible ? According to datasheet all the 3 devices us compatible (that's why…

  • AD9162/AD9172 FMC Cards has Reference design for ZCU102


    Does AD9166/AD9162/AD9172 FMC Evaluation cards has ZCU102 Motherboard reference designs,

    As per my search i am unable to findout. Please give me the link if anyone finds.

    Thanks In advance

  • RE: Wideband operation with AD9162

    Hi Taiki,

    Thanks for reaching out. Below are my answers to your questions:

    1. Yes, the AD9162 can generate a 4 GHz +/- 1 GHz signal. However, your system requirements (particularly the iBW spec) are demanding, so the performance of the AD9162 will not be…
  • iio-oscilloscope cmake error

    I am having difficulty building iio-oscilloscope from source on a raspberry pi 4 with the 64 bit OS.  Other builds on the 32 bit OS and Ubuntu have always worked fine. The closing stdout message is:

    -- Generating done
    CMake Generate step failed.  Build files…

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