• AD9166-ADF4372output

    It says on page 16 of the user guide"The user can measure the ADF4372 performance directly by routing the ADF4372 output to J4 and away from the AD9166 CLK± pins, by looping the RFAUX8x output toward J4 as shown in Figure 1. In this case, the AD9166…

  • AD9166 problem

    After the AD9166 is configured, TXEN is disabled, and the output is as shown below,Where did 9.282GHz come from?

  • AD9166 Power VDD_IO

    I use the 1.8V output from the ADM7154 to power the VDD_IO of the AD9166. As long as the ADM7154 is connected to the VDD_IO, I measure the output of the ADM7154 to 2.0V. It is normal that the ADM7154 output is not connected. What is the problem?

  • AD9166 Power Sequencing

    Will the AD9166 not be powered up according to the sequence damage the device?

    We did not power on the 9166 according to the timing requirements. It worked normally in the early stage. After a period of time, the DAC worked abnormally and the output had…

  • AD9166 clock synchronization


    I am using AD9166-fmc-ebz and need to use external reference for synchronization. ACE is configured according to the following figure, and the following problems occur:

    1. Input the reference signal and J32 output to the oscilloscope at the same time…
  • AD9166 unexpectedly outputs signals around 9GHz

    After the AD9166 is configured, the RF back-end unexpectedly outputs a 9.282GHz signal, and it may be other frequencies, but around 9GHz, as long as the amplifier is configured to "power down", the 9GHz signal output disappears. What is the reason? Does…

  • AD9166 plus ADS7-V2EB


    I am using and ADS7 FPGA board and an AD9166 DAC board. The software I am using to control both is the AD ACE (analysis control evaluation) plus the DPG Downloader software.

    My issue is the DAC has an Reference input which can be derived from the…

  • AD9166-FMC-EBZ:HMC7044 pll1 unlock


    I just bought the AD9166-FMC-EBZ

    I want to synchronize the output of the external reference clock and DAC, and I gave a 10MHz reference clock

    After configuration, there was a message on the picture

    And the oscilloscope found that the clock was not…

  • RE: radiation survivability of the AD9166

    What is the latest space qualification status for AD9176 and is there a new part number assigned for that radiation tested lot?  Please advise.  Thanks!



  • ADS7-V2EB plus AD9166 DAC


    I've taken delivery of an ADS7-V2EBZ FPGA board plus an AD9166 DAC. I'm trying to set up the DPG downloader and ACE software to play waveforms. I am seeing an issue when trying download waveforms.

    (1) The DPG downloader crashes for no reason…