• RE: radiation survivability of the AD9166


    This part has not been qualified for space applications.  Besides the products listed here, the AD9176 and AD9744 are undergoing space qualification testing.


  • RE: AD9166 and AD9164 : NSD

    Yes. if measured at 30MHz always with DAC running at 12GHz or so.  

  • AD9166 and AD9164 : Instantaneous bandwidth


    I have a question from our customer about the instantaneous bandwidth of AD9164 and AD9166.
    In the "theory of operation" of the datasheet, it is described as follows.

    "The output can cover a range from 0 Hz to more than 9 GHz in…

  • ADS7-V2EBZ with EVAL-AD9166


    I am using the ADS7-V2EBZ board with the DAC AD9166 (EVAL-AD9166)

    Is it possible to get the Xilinx Vortex-7 FPGA Vivado project files in order to able to add own signal processing blocks for the pattern to the AD9166 through the JESD204B interface…

  • AD9166 : wide instantaneous bandwidth signal and fdac rate


    Is it able to generate the desired signal on the following conditions?
    Our customer wants to generate a 2GHz iBW signal centered on 5GHz using AD9166.
    Datarate will be needed 2.5GSPS in complex mode to ensure 2GHz iBW.
    It will use 2x interpolation…

  • AD9166 EVB output is nonlinearity more than dozens of LSBs

    I test the DC output of AD9166 (AD9166-FMC-EBZ). 

    The configure of ACE is as follows:

    Use DPG Downloader to send DC value,everytime I change the Value. I use Tek 6Series oscilloscope at 50Ω load and 20MHz Bandwidth.Averge mode(2048 times),and the…

  • AD9164 driver


    We plan to use AD9164 in our product, but in kernel driver it shows only AD9162, and says that AD9166 is also a compatible driver.

    Can I assume that AD9164 is also compatible ? According to datasheet all the 3 devices us compatible (that's why…

  • RE: AD9161

    No, AD9161 doesn't support down to DC. 

    for DC support, please use AD9166. 

  • RE: Meeting Bandwidth requirements with AD916X/AD917X

    Hi Kiran,

    Thank you for your interest. Yes, you could use the AD916x to the same effect. it supports iBW up to 2.25GHz. I would suggest to set it  in either mix-mode (green, below) or 2xNRZ (red). 

    The explanations in the AD9162 and AD9166 datasheets are…

  • AD9162/AD9172 FMC Cards has Reference design for ZCU102


    Does AD9166/AD9162/AD9172 FMC Evaluation cards has ZCU102 Motherboard reference designs,

    As per my search i am unable to findout. Please give me the link if anyone finds.

    Thanks In advance