• AD9164-FMCC-EBZ with AD9164 Controlled with LabVIEW


    I can control the output of the AD9164 daughter card by using ACE and DPGDownloader.  However, I want to control it in an automated way using LabVIEW, either directly using VIs or indirectly like running a command line argument within LabVIEW. 

  • AD9164 stuck at CGS


    as per title, AD9164 stuck at CGS(0x470 = 0x00). I am suffering this issue which is very similar with this guy:  ad9164 sync never goes high , but unfortunately, no answer for this post...

    design parameter as:  2.5Gsps with 8 lanes,so the LaneRate is 20*2…

  • ad9164偶尔输出不正常

    用FPGA配置AD9164,大部分情况下正常输出,输出功率配置为最大(寄存器0x41 =03, 0x42=ff),但是偶尔会出现以下两种情况




  • RE: AD9164 LFM & FSK

    FTW = freq/fs * 2^Res. Fs = 2 *  FCLK in DDR mode. otherwise, Fs = FCLK. Res = 48 bit or 32bit.  

  • register setting on AD9164 datasheet maybe not right

    For example,Table 45 ,0x456, register of M ,it is R,not R/W,but in the Table15:M can be 1 or 2!It is confusing.We cannot configure 0x456,but M can 1 or 2????

  • AD9164-FMCC-EBZ Cannot Get Output

    I have AD9164-FMCC-EBZ connected using just a 12VDC power supply and no FMC.  I am following the Start Up Sequence within the datasheet but the caveat is that I do not want to use JESD only SPI.  I want to run in NCO Only mode and simply generate a 500MHz…

  • AD9164 NCO only mode Output power level very low

    We use the AD9164-FMC-EZB baord. NCO only mode. RF output frequency 1Ghz. but we use spectrometer test the power level is -16.13dBm.

  • AD9164 Mix-mode

    Could anyone clarify and give me any advice?

    Part : AD9164

    My customer tested the AD9164-FMC-EBZ using the AD9164 Mix-Mode.
    So, I would like to inquire about the method and characteristics of checking the 1.5GHz ~ 7.5GHz output.

    Q1. Test Condition : Test…

  • ad9164 sync never goes high

    I try to use the jesd204b ip core to communacate with ad9164 in the old pcb board,there is a xc7k325tffg900-2 and an ad9164.This board works well with another program that the jesd204b interface is write by someone else.There is no sysref signal be connected…

  • AD9164 SPI Communication Not Working

    I am powering the AD9164-FMCC-EBZ using a 12V DC power supply with no FMC connection.  I tacked 4 wires onto the 0 ohm resistors shown below:

    I setup my raspi pico as MSB first and a write has a 0 in the MSB of the first byte of data (Bit 15 of the Instructions…