• AD9164

    I have a couple of questions. I still haven't started working on the board yet. How exactly do you obtain the desired frequency using the NCO modes? and what is the ideal step-size that should be taken in the binary phase accumulators for obtaining desired…

  • Evaluation Board AD9164-FMCC-EBZ vs AD9164-FMC-EBZ

    I have KCU105 to AD9164-FMCC-EBZ subclass 0 setup working but when I switch to a AD9164-FMC-EBZ, I'm unable to perform SPI writes.

    When the FPGA is unprogrammed, I can set everything up through ACE and the values look good in the memory map but as…

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  • AD9164 杂散问题

    Ad9164采样率为3.2G,采用x2 NRZ模式,设置内部的Nco输出频率为2.5Ghz,fpga产生0-500mhz的基带信号送给ad9164从而产生2-3GHz范围的射频信号。单频点输出时会出现一个与基带信号相关的杂散点幅度-50dBm左右,影响了射频输出的Sfdr。具体现象:






  • Using an AD9164-FMC with an ADS7-V2, is it possible to control the AD9164 DAC output with an external signal? 

    I am trying to synchronize the AD9164's output to a global (external) 10MHz clock.  Basically, I need the AD9164 to generate a series of Gaussian modulated pulses at different carrier frequencies where each pulse is synchronized to an external trigger…

  • RE: DNL and INL problems of AD9164

    Thank you for your answer! My DAC clock rate is 1gsps, 1x mode. Can eval-ad9164 be used to evaluate DNL? How to operate it?

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  • RE: How to configure the ADF4355 on the EVAL-AD9164


    Assumed that his has been answered offline. Please let us know if this is not the case.

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    Hello, Can you please help me with the problem I meet when using the ADS7_V2 and AD9164-FMC-EBZ. After I configure the related registers of the AD9164 by the FPGA logic code, and I can see the jesd204b link status is OK, the sync is high. But sometimes…

  • AD9164

    I would like to ask: AD9164 development board output linear frequency continuous wave maximum number GHZ and minimum number GHz, can output 5-7.5G linear continuous wave? Sit back and reply