• AD9164 SPI Writes via ACE


    While observing the ACE Macro SPI Read/Write commands using ACE Macro with AD9164+ADS7_v2 Evaluation Setup.

    There were SPI writes to many registers which are not mentioned in the DS.

      > @Subsystem_1.AD9164-FMC-EBZ.AD9164: Evaluation.Control.RawWriteRegister…

  • AD9164

    Our application requires AD9164 to be operated in FFH NCO and phase continous mode. The device internally has 32 32-bit NCOs. What is the maximum hop-points that can be achieved?

    When operating with the 48-bit NCO, what is the minimum hop time possible…

  • AD9164

    Hello, Can you please help me with the problem I meet when using the ADS7_V2 and AD9164-FMC-EBZ. After I configure the related registers of the AD9164 by the FPGA logic code, and I can see the jesd204b link status is OK, the sync is high. But sometimes…

  • AD9164


  • AD9164

    I would like to ask: AD9164 development board output linear frequency continuous wave maximum number GHZ and minimum number GHz, can output 5-7.5G linear continuous wave? Sit back and reply

  • RE: AD9164 ACE Register Debugger


     AD9508 and  AD4355 is not accessible on this AD9164 GUI.  select the AD9164 working mode,  AD9508 and AD4355 is configured automatically. 



  • Sometime AD9164-FMCC-EBZ and ADS7-V2 stop working

    For the AD9164-FMCC-EBZ I am using now, I found one possible problem:

    I opened ACE and DPGdownloader, connected AD9164-EBZ and ADS7-V2 together, and connected them to PC through USB cables. When I powered on ADS7-V2, AD9164-EBZ was also successfully powered…

  • Phase coherent problem with two AD9164

    Hello,these days I met a phase coherent problem with two AD9164.

    Both two AD9164 use the same DAC CLK, and I config them work in NCO only mode, the output signal can phase coherent.

    Change the NCO FTW, and use TX_ENABLE load FTW,also the output signal…

  • 如何配置AD9164使其达到6GSPS

    我购买了AD9164评估板以及对应的评估套件ADS7-V2,现在能使用到5GSPS。但是AD9164的data sheet上提到AD9164可以达到6GSPS。请教下然后配置AD9164及其对应的ADS7-V2来达到6GSPS。

  • Sometimes,the AD9164 is no output when sweeping frequency at 2.4GHz or 4.8GHz.

    Hello, Can you please help me with the problem I meet .

    When using AD9164 outputs 1GHz to 3GHz RF signal, sweep frequency step is 50MHz, sometimes AD9164 changed to no output at 2.4GHz and then all frequency is no output.

    Change the output sweep frequency…