• AD9163 Eval Board Temperature

    I'm evaluating AD9163 (ADS7-V2 + AD9163-FMCC-EBZ). I have noticed that the AD9163-FMCC-EBZ is getting very very hot. Is it normal?


  • AD9163 noise issue

    I set AD9163 and related devices once. AD9163 settings are based on table41-43.

    when I set AD9163 registers with the same values again,  I got the attached output.

    what is the cause of the problem?

    How can I fix this?

    upperside picture is for the normal…

  • RE: Unable to configure AD9163

    This is my ACE configuration

    I use the MATLAB code provided on the ADI website( https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/dpg/matlab-ads7
    ) to make the AD9163 work.The LED at the USB interface on the AD9163 can be controlled. When the AD9163 is driven, although…

  • Could AD9173 phase noise performance be better?

    hello, I have read the datasheet of AD9163, it works well on phase noise performance. but i need two channel output directly, so i would like to choose AD9173.

    the  phase noise of AD9173 seems to degrade a lot than AD9163, because the datasheet only showed…

  • RE: Source Code to use ADS7-V2EBZ as an acquisition card

    Hi Umesh,

    I am considering the AD9163,and do you have existing HDL code for AD9163-FMC-EBZ and ADS7-V2EBZ?If you have, can you offer it to me?


    li zheng

  • RE: AD9163时钟与数据联系



  • RE: 3.3GHz RF output by using TxDAC

    The AD9163 would support this application well.

  • AD9163 input data format

    Is AD9163 input data  must complex?

  • Differences between AD916x

    Hi All,

    I already know that the minimum interpolation setting is different between AD9162/4(1x) and AD9163(6x).

    Is there any difference between AD9162/4 and AD9163 except the minimum interpolation value ?

    Additionally, please explain the differences between…

  • can AD9163  output triangular wave and how do

    can AD9163  output triangular wave ? and how do ?