• AD9154 : how to configure to use AD9154 without DAC PLL ?


    I correct the previous question.

    I have a question about AD9154 from our customer.
    He wish to drive the DAC core from external DAC Clock directly.
    (disable DAC PLL)
    So I would like to confirm the configuration when using without DAC PLL.

    I think it…

  • AD9154 ADI公司提供AD9154的C语言API函数吗?



  • RE: AD9154 configure problem

    Hi , 

     You can download the ACE software,  add the AD9154 by off shore (without evb bench connected with PC),  configure the chip, and save out configuration file by Marco tool. 

       by the way, you can try the FPGA  serdes loop back test first to confirm the…

  • RE: Does CHECKSUMMODE matter for AD9154

    let me clarify my question clearly.  Does the CHECKSUM  must be used for AD9154?   I used many  ADI's converter with JESD204B interface and  the checksum for JESD204B protocal betweent the partner always be ignored. JESD204B link can be ok . It is the first…

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  • AD9154 work configuration

    Can you give the FPGA code of AD9154 concerning the JESD204B IP configuration and AD9154 register configuration? I can't get the AD9154 working properly at the moment. thank you

  • About AD9154 configuration.


        We have a project need to use a lot of AD9154, but this is the first time we use this chip, we purchased the ADS7-V2ER and AD9154-FMC BRD ,then we use the AD9154 SPI PRO software,it gave us a register configuration table, but according to the datasheet…

  • AD9154 JESD204 Problems

    Hello, I am working on interfacing an AD9154 FMC card with a Xilinx ZC706 over JESD204 Subclass 1. I have the DAC setup and am able to talk to it over JESD (I have good values on SYNC, FRAMESYNC, and INITIALLANESYNC), however I cannot get a good checksum…

  • AD9154-FMC-EBZ

    你好,购买了一套AD9154和ADS7-V2,参照https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/dpg/ad9154-ace-fmc-ebz 配置参数,ACE软件JESD PLL Locked 正常,但是DPGDownloder 中的sync status z状态始终为低,DAC0~3输出端口也无输出信号。请问是什么问题导致出错?期待你们的帮助。

  • AD9154 synchronization


    I've seen some odd behavior when setting up an AD9154 to operate in SC1 mode, and I was wondering if you could give me some pointers:

    - We're operating with a data rate of 600MHz on all four DAC channels, 6GHz line rate (jesd params: l=8,…