• RE: Can AD9152 be connected to ADL5375?


     AD9152 supporting 2.7V common mode output, while ADL5375 work for 0.5V or 1.5V common mode.    AD9152 is good to support ADRF6720 modulator, which you can find the evb schematic as below:ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub/HSSP_SW/HSCDAC/Documents/AD9152/AD9152…

  • AD9152 bypass cap on power supply lines


    Values and the number of bypass caps on power supply lines are different among AD9152-EBZ, AD9152-ADRF6720-EBZ and AD9152-FMC-EBZ. Which EVB is the best recommendation concerning bypass caps?
    Is there recommendation or requirement of bypass caps…

  • RE: AD9154 phase noise, DAC clock specification

    The generator is noted in the figure: SMA100A.

    The setup is most likely the same as for the AD9152:

    AD9152: Phase Noise Curves and Comparison with AD9912-DDS 

  • AD9152 DVDD12 (35 pin and 36 pin) power supply


    DVDD12 (#35 and #36) is supplied by DVDD12 in AD9152-FMC-EBZ RevA Schematic, while #35 and #36 is supplied by DVDD12 and MUSH_VDD respectively in AD9152-EBZ RevB Schematic and AD9152-ADRF6720-EBZ RevB Schematic. Why #35 and #36 is supply by different…

  • RE: AD9152-FMC-EBZ ACE Driver Compatibility with Windows 10

    I'm using ACE program to communicate and control the AD9152-FMC-EBZ. However, when I plug in AD9152-FMC-EBZ with USB cable to my PC with WIN10, the device manager does not recognize the AD9152-FMC-EBZ and therefore the ACE program cannot communicate with…

  • RE: ACE version about AD9689-2000EBZ

    I know what you say,but i want to konw if AD9689-2000EBZ has the usb interface that can be identified by ACE just like ad9152.I have worked ad9152 with zc706.


  • RE: Queries about AD9152 Evaluation

    The AD9152 NSD is lower than 160dBm/Hz,  if you want see the AD9152 NSD performance, you have to select the spectrum analyzer with NSD lower than 160dBm/ Hz,    other spec test as well.   


  • RE: AD9152-FMC-EBZ  SPI access via FMC connector

    At the moment the PIC firmware does not support communication of the SPI over the FMC connector. However you can use the mini USB cable connection directly to the evaluation board and connect it to your PC and it will talk to the AD9152 FMC evaluation…

  • RE: ad9152-fmc-ebz no-os software drivers


    The HDL project is compatible with Vivado 2018.3. On the no-OS side, there will be added support for AD9172-FMC-EBZ soon. No plans yet for AD9152-FMC-EBZ. However, we do have some bring-up code for AD9152 (https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/no-OS…

  • AD9152 Output current


    According to the data sheet on page 75 of AD9154, OUTx +/- are current sinks. But I can't find like that description on page 67 of AD9152. Are output current of AD9152 also current sink? 

    I think the output current of AD9152 is sink current.…