• RE: about ad9152

    But I configure the AD9152 on my board with the mode 7, and the sample clock is 200MHz,then i read the registers,the 0X470-0X473 is really good with a result 0X01,and i read the DAC core is pull up ,and the clock is different and on, the seders PLL is…

  • files AD9152


    I search for the schematic and layout files of the AD9152-FMC-EBZ board. I can not open the links at analog wiki.

    The file is named: "AD9152-FMC-EBZ RevA Schematic.pdf"

    Can you send me a valid link, please.

  • BPSK for AD9152

    Hello ! I am using fpga + DAC AD9151 to generate analog signal. 

    Digital data from my DDS core are sent via JESD204B interface to DAC and i can see analog harmonic signal on an oscilloscope. 

    So i conclude that DDS and DAC is working correctly.

    Next step…

  • About AD9152


          I am using the production of AD9152-FMC-EBZ, now i have a problem about the configuration,the 0x472  is not equal to 0xF。What's wrong?My parameters(such as L,M,F,S and so  on ) are matched with the register values. Also, register 0x604 cannot…

  • AD9152 SYNCOUT


    I have a question regarding the sync output from the AD9152;

    The configuration I am using is:

        AD9152_write_reg(0x0200,0x00); // Power up the interface
        AD9152_write_reg(0x0201,0x00); // Enable power to all lanes    

  • AD9152 DC Test mode


    We are trying to get the AD9152 up and running on our own custom boards and are running in to problems trying to configure it in a DC test mode. We are using a 245.76MHz REFCLK. I am setting the registers as in the spreadsheet I have attached…

  • AD9152 Output current


    According to the data sheet on page 75 of AD9154, OUTx +/- are current sinks. But I can't find like that description on page 67 of AD9152. Are output current of AD9152 also current sink? 

    I think the output current of AD9152 is sink current.…

  • AD9152 REFCLK+/- termination


    When REFCLK+/- of AD9152 is unused, what termination is required?

    Best Regards,

  • AD9152-FMC-EBZ

    Due to some logistics issue we fabricated and assembled the DAC eval board(AD9152-FMC-EBZ). Can someone please share the program to be loaded on to the PIC18f24j50  microcontroller which is present on the eval board?




  • AD9152-FMC    configure

    Hi ,

             I am using the AD9152-FMC chip. I now have some questions about the use of ACE. My parameters are refclk=125M,fDAC=500M  and fin=250M,however ,only when i set fDAC=125M,we  can get 500M by the DAC PLL setting. why?

    Thank you