• AD9148 EVAL Set up


    I want to proceed with development with AD9148.

    Q1. What is the difference between AD9148-EBZ and AD9148-M5375-EBZ?

    Q2. Do I need a DPG3 to operate the AD9148-EBZ?

    Q3. Which Xilinx FPGA EVAL Board can connect with AD9148-EVAL and AD-DAC-FMC-ADP…

  • AD9148

    AD9148 output capacitance?

  • AD9148咨询


    1、frefclk = 122.88MHz,-12dBm,fvco = 1966.08MHz,fdacclk = 983.04MHz

    fdata = 122.88MHz,配置N0 = 2,N1 = 8,N2 = 2,pll enable,enable pll lock lost,enable pll lock,vco band没有选择manual模式应该就是自动模式了吧。但是查询0x06的值为03,也就是说pll lock不成功但是也没有指示lost,查询0x0E值为0x10…

  • AD9148 VDD power consumption

    In the AD9148 datasheet there is the list of all VDD connections (AVDD33, CVDD18, IOVDD and DVDD18) with a typical and a maximal value.

    Is the maximal value the absolute maximum power consumption of the supplies or is this in a specific context ?

  • AD9148使用问题

    目前系统有用到一个DAC AD9148,想直接输出RF信号,所以后面没有接混频之类的电路,由于I/Q输出,现今想请教AD9148内部NCO的下一级 “PHASE CORRECTION”功能相位调整两路叠加会不会对我输出的I/Q信号由影响?是否可以关闭该功能?关闭后会有什么影响?谢谢!

  • AD9148-Maximum rate?

    Can I apply 1 GSPS for each channel so that I can have 4 channel with maximum rate of each channel is 1 GSPS? Or 1 GSPS is the total maximum rate, i.e., each channel can have maximum of 250 MSPS? Thanks!

  • AD9148: Unused channel / Unused pins

    The REFCLK/SYNC input does not need to be used. Can this input be left floating
    or what termination is otherwise
    Also Port B is not being used, can these inputs be left floating?


    You can float the REFCLK pins when you drive…
  • AD9148-EBZ - FMC Adapter, Latency

    Hi everyone,

    Here it says that the AD-DAC-FMC is (only?) compatible with DPG2 daughter boards, whereas the AD9148-EBZ is DPG3 compatible. Comparing the Schematics of both boards I cannot see any reason why the AD9148-EBZ and the AD-DAC-FMC should not…

  • DCI Delay change in AD9148


    I'm using AD9148 in single port mode, two's complement binary data input format.

    With one DAC output, when producing digital sine wave to inputs, I can see a small glitch at dac outputs which looks to be a possible data timing error.

  • Using Temp Sensor of AD9122 and AD9148

    How accurate is the temperature sensor on the AD9122, AD9146 or AD9148 Dual and Quad DACs?