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    I am trying to set up the AD9144 DAC registers but there are some questions that I would like answered and I was hoping that someone in the community has had previous experience with the AD9144 DAC registers.


    I will list the questions that…

  • RE: AD9144, achieve DAC multichip alignment: phase difference between DAC analog outputs

    Hi Larsc, that's a brilliant explanation.
    One more question on this item:

    I really recommend that if you want to synchronize both DACs you use a multi-link setup where a single core inside the FPGA. This will make things a lot easier.


  • ad9144 configuration

    hi sir. this is vinay. am using AD9144(DAC) interfacing with kcu105 fpga board. how to configure ad9144.

    i need 140 MHz output from ad9144...how to get this frequency from ad9144 sir...High-Speed DACs

  • RE: Characterizing DAQ2/ZCU102 D/A with a chirp


    After doing some studying of the DAQ2 board, the AD9144 and AD9523, I am realizing I was confused when I asked you the questions about getting the AD9144 up to 2.4 or 2.8G.

    The AD9523 provides clocking to the AD9144.  The AD9523 can provide…

  • AD9144 - What evaluation boards are available?

    There are three evaluation boards available for the AD9144:


    DAC Only Evaluation Board [DPG3 Compatible]


    DAC + Modulator (ADRF6720) Evaluation Board [DPG3 Compatible]

  • RE: DAQ2 on ZCU102

    I used 2016_R2 for both Linux and HDL. I did have to hard code some GPIOs to enable the DAC and also add adi,sync-ignore-enable to my device tree since I haven't gotten SYNC to come out correctly.

    Here is my output with DEBUG defined:


  • RE: Grounding plan for AD9144


      For AD9144 part,  only have GND.   if you have AGND and DGND on your own board, you shoud consider AD9144 as analog part to connect AD9144 GND to your board's AGND.





    You can find the schematics in the evaluation board documentation. ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub/HSSP_SW/HSCDAC/Documents/AD9144/AD9144-FMC-EBZ%20RevB%20Schematic.pdf

    We do have a HDL example project for the AD9144-FMC-EBZ connected to a ZC706, maybe this…

  • RE: IBIS AMI Model for AD9164BBCAZ  RF DAC

    We already have answered similar question for AD9162 on Ezone:



    So the answer is, there is no specific IBIS-AMI model for the AD9164 DAC. We are aware of the package differences…