• spectrum ERROR AD9142 output

    Hello, Master!

           I'm using AD9142 to generate a single tone with AD9516-3 providing CLK. However, the spectrum of DAC output has not only the signal i'm instreasted, also some sideband with delta ±120MHz,±240MHz.But there is no 120MHz signal on my board…

  • AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ and AD9142

    The AD-FMCOMMS1 documentation shows the AD9122 dual DAC used for the transmit path. The AD9142 web site says the AD-FMCOMMS1 uses the AD9142. I'm trying to find an FMC board with the AD9142 on it for evaluation. What are my options?

  • AD9142 Application

    In the AD9142 data sheet have illustrate that chip have support single DAC mode , so can mixer the I/Q data to single DAC output , right ? Thank you.

  • AD9142 Application

    I study data sheet of AD9142 that have instructions " NCO modulator Block Diagram ". I don't understand some function for NCO modulator , if NCO modulator in I/Q output mode , then the I DATA OUT is real part IF signal or not ?  Thank you…

  • AD9142 Application


    I am converting an existing design that uses the AD9957 (Quadrature Digital Upconverter) at 1GSPS to the AD9142 TxDAC at 1.6GSPS.

    Is the AD9142 a true Quadrature Digital Upconverter with 2 individual IF outputs (offset by 90degrees from each other…

  • RE: High Speed DAC

    We don't sell the AD9142 in die or wafer form.

  • AD9142-M5375-EBZ Driver Issue

    Hello ,

             I want to test  AD9142-M5375-EBZ on Windows 7 system. But I don't find any driver at websit. Could you give me  AD9142-M5375-EBZ Windows 7 driver , please ? Thank you

  • RE: Maximum frequency of the DCI on the AD9142

    Anyone have any thoughts on the max frequency of the DCI input on the AD9142?

  • RE: AD9142 DAC Questions

    1) In table 6 of the data sheet why are the units Mbps?

    It should be MSPS.

    2) Is it possible to run this as a single channel DAC without all the complex modulation etc?

    Yes, the DAC does not limit the user from feeding the AD9142 with two real data…

  • AD9142 Sideband Suppression Issue


            Could you tell me how many is Sideband Suppression of AD9142 ? I don't found this specification at datasheet. Thank you.