• AD9136 Outputs waveform during SPI initialization

    During the SPI initialization of the ad9136, I am seeing a waveform generated on the outputs for a short amount of time (approximately 120 ns), even though I have the TXEN0 and TXEN1 pins driven low. I am following the initialization sequence as described…

  • AD9135/AD9136 - What is the max data rate the AD9135/AD9136 supports?

    The AD9135/AD9136 supports up to 2120MHz input data rate.  This allows customers to generate ultra-wideband signals used in applications like E-band microwave point to point and instrumentation.


    For more information visit the product pages:



  • AD9135/AD9136 - Does the AD9135/AD9136 support deterministic latency/multi-chip synchronization?

    Yes, the AD9135/AD9136 supports JESD204B Subclass 0 and Subclass 1 operations for deterministic latency.  Subclass 1 provides synchronization to within ½ a DAC clock period and requires a SYSREF± signal to achieve this latency variation. 

  • two channel of AD9136 can transmit two real signals?

    Can AD9136 independently transmit two different real signals to each of the two DACs of the device ? 

    Is the above configuration possible for AD9136?

    Thanks in advance

  • AD9136 Minimum Safety pullups/pulldowns

    We are designing a PCB that will include an FPGA interfacing with the AD9136. It's critical for us that the DAC outputs cannot become "accidently" enabled before the FPGA has finished its powerup configuration (the FPGA pins driving reset, txen, jesd204b…

  • AD9136 CS deselect to reselect minimum time

    Most SPI devices have a timing spec describing the minimum time between deselecting the device (nCS going high) and then immediately reselecting the device (nCS going low). In words: You have to keep the device deselected for a certain amount of time before…

  • AD9135/AD9136 - How do I select between the two parts?

    The AD9135 and AD9136 are two product variants in the same product family. The only difference is the DAC resolution. The AD9135 is an 11-bit dual DAC while the AD9136 is 16-bit. All the other features and specifications are exactly the same in the two…

  • AD9135/AD9136 - Are there evaluation boards available?


    There are two evaluation boards available for the AD9135/AD9136:





    DAC Only Evaluation Board [DPG3 Compatible]




    DAC Only FMC Evaluation Board [FPGA Compatible]

    Visit the evaluation…

  • What JESD204B SERDES modes are available on the AD9135/AD9136?

    The AD9135/AD9136 has 2 DACs and 8 available SERDES lanes with flexible interface configurations to meet various customer needs.  The table below shows the transport layer JESD204B link parameters for each mode supported. 

  • RE: AD9136 Glitches/Distortion on one output

    Sorry, this project has been moved to another engineer. I'll forward this thread to him.