• AD9135/AD9136 - What is the max data rate the AD9135/AD9136 supports?

    The AD9135/AD9136 supports up to 2120MHz input data rate.  This allows customers to generate ultra-wideband signals used in applications like E-band microwave point to point and instrumentation.


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  • AD9135/AD9136 - Does the AD9135/AD9136 support deterministic latency/multi-chip synchronization?

    Yes, the AD9135/AD9136 supports JESD204B Subclass 0 and Subclass 1 operations for deterministic latency.  Subclass 1 provides synchronization to within ½ a DAC clock period and requires a SYSREF± signal to achieve this latency variation. 


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  • AD9144/AD9135 I/Q Modulaton?


    First, I am a beginner in this field.

    I wonder If I only want one DAC output(I/Q mixed signal), what should I do? In datasheet, they recommend to use the ADRF6720. Is it essential? Is it impossible to create without quadrature modulator? 

    I have…

  • Replace RF transformer in AD9144(AD9135)


    I'm a beginner in analog circuits. Can I simple change the T12 element? The RF transformer from ADT2-1T-1P+ to JTX-2-10T+. Because I need an output of 800 MHz, which is limited to 600 MHz as of now.(power loss is too high.)

    I think it seems…

  • AD9144/AD9135/AD9136 Chirp signal generation


    Is it possible to generate from 200 MHz to 800 MHz chirp signal with the AD9135 Evaluation board(AD9135 FMC EBZ)?

    Or recommend?

    I have an Arria 10 Dev. kit.




  • Supported NP values for AD9161 and AD9135

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking the AD9161 and AD9135 datasheet and trying to find out if I can set the NP to less than 16. Both converter has a resolution of 11 bits, so in theory it should be possible.

    From the listed operating modes it seems to me that…

  • AD9135/AD9136 - Are there evaluation boards available?


    There are two evaluation boards available for the AD9135/AD9136:





    DAC Only Evaluation Board [DPG3 Compatible]




    DAC Only FMC Evaluation Board [FPGA Compatible…

  • AD9135/AD9136 - How do I select between the two parts?

    The AD9135 and AD9136 are two product variants in the same product family. The only difference is the DAC resolution. The AD9135 is an 11-bit dual DAC while the AD9136 is 16-bit. All the other features and specifications are exactly the same in the…

  • AD9135/AD9136 - What are the key specifications for my application?

    The AD9135/AD9136 are the industry's highest signal bandwidth dual d/a converters.  In 1x interpolation mode, the user can utilize the full JESD204B data interface bandwidth in the AD9135/AD9136 to generate signal bandwidth up to 1.06GHz per DAC…

  • What JESD204B SERDES modes are available on the AD9135/AD9136?

    The AD9135/AD9136 has 2 DACs and 8 available SERDES lanes with flexible interface configurations to meet various customer needs.  The table below shows the transport layer JESD204B link parameters for each mode supported.