• AD9129-EBZ

    Hello, ADI team.

    My customer bought AD9129-EBZ by mistake to be able to evaluate AD9129 Mix-mode.

    What there is no way to evaluation AD9129 Mix-mode to use AD9129-MIX-EBZ?

  • RE: Need High Speed DAC

    Please check the AD9129 data sheet here: www.analog.com/ad9129

  • RE: AD9129 template for VisualAnalog

    No, sorry, there is no VisualAnalog model for the AD9129. You could try our new "Virtual Eval" tool here: http://beta-tools.analog.com/virtualeval/#tool_pid=AD9129&tab=fbd 

    There is a model of the AD9129 there.

  • RE: AD9129 template not available in VisualAnalog

    Sorry, there is no VisualAnalog model for the AD9129. You could try our new "Virtual Eval" tool here: http://beta-tools.analog.com/virtualeval/#tool_pid=AD9129&tab=fbd 


    There is a model of the AD9129 there.

  • AD9129

    Can you confirm that “output compliance range” is the DC
    (let’s say instantaneous in case of an AC signal) voltage range the output must
    stay in at any moment to preserve proper DAC operation (linearity, saturation,
    breaksown and so on)?  If so, since output…

  • RE: AD9129 not working

    Can you describe your hardware setup, please? It sounds like you have the AD9129-MIX-EBZ connected to a Xilinx ML605 by the AD-DAC-FMC-ADP, and then the HMC832LP6GE connected to the DACCLK input. Is that correct? And then you are using the DAC Software…

  • Evalboards use DAC "N" output and the datasheet uses the DAC "P" output. Which is correct?

    All your eval boards for the AD9129 (AD9129-EBZ, AD9129-MIX-EBZ and
    AD9129-CBLTX-EBZ connect the “N” output of the DAC to the signal which is the
    opposite output to that shown in the datasheet which uses the “P” output as per
    Figure 152…
  • ad-fmcjesdadc1-ebz - ad9129


    I am working with the DAC ad9129 (AD9129 EVALUATION BOARD 11025 REV B) in a VC707 board and I am wondering if there is an ipcore with a tested interface to use this DAC in Vivado.

    I've seen in the reference design fmcjesdadc1 I should be able…

  • Does AD9129 support  signal with 2GHz bandwidth?

    I am considering to use AD9129 for my application.

    There are a few things that I want to know

    1) maximum data sampling rate (not dac update rate)

    Our data signal bandwidth is up to 2GHz. So we need to have at least 4GSPS data sampling DAC.


  • AD9129 - Compatible data generator ad9129

    AD9129: Is there a data generator compatible with these devices?


    Yes, ADI’s Data Pattern Generator (DPG) is a bench-top instrument for driving
    vectors into Analog Devices' high-speed Digital-to-Analog converters. The DPG