• AD9129 - Compatible data generator ad9129

    AD9129: Is there a data generator compatible with these devices?


    Yes, ADI’s Data Pattern Generator (DPG) is a bench-top instrument for driving
    vectors into Analog Devices' high-speed Digital-to-Analog converters. The DPG
    connects to…

  • About LED (XD1) of AD9129-EBZ

    What role does the LED (XD1) in the AD9129-EBZ schematic play?
    What is the difference between when the LED is on and when it is not?
    It corresponds to the part surrounded by red.


  • About the misstatement of the data sheet of AD9129

    Substituting 0x200 into equation (1) yields 21.8mA.
    The DAC offset in Fig. 151 is also calculated to be 1.28mA.
    Is this my miscalculation? Or is there a mistake in the formula?

    Reference data sheet: AD9129 (Rev.B)

  • AD9129 datasheet clarifications

    We would like to use the schematic of the figure 154 (with TCI-1-13M+ as
    transformer) in mix and normal mode.

    We need clarifications about datasheet information elements.
    Only mix mode is indicated for this schematic in datasheet

  • AD9129 - Mix-Mode function

    What is the Mix-Mode function of the AD9129 and AD9119?


    Mix-Mode enhances the DAC output power in the 2nd and 3rd Nyquist zone thus
    increasing the usable output bandwidth of the device. In Mix-Mode the output is
    effectively chopped at the DAC…

  • Controlling AD9129-EBZ without ACE

    My application requires setting DAC register settings for the AD9129-EBZ as part of a larger automated test system. This means I need to control the board through script, terminal, or other software rather via manual interface with the ACE GUI.

    When I…

  • AD9129 -  Clock source and buffer recommendation

    What is a recommended clock source and buffer for RF DAC like AD9129?


    The ADF4350 low phase noise/jitter PLL as a clock source can provide output
    frequencies from 140 MHz up to 4.4 GHz with jitter as low as 0.5 ps rms. A
    recommended clock buffer…

  • AD9129 - Highest RF output frequency spectrum supported

    What is the highest RF output frequency spectrum supported by the AD9129 and
    AD9119 family?


    Utilizing the Mix-Mode function, the AD9129 and AD9119 RF DACs can synthesize
    an RF output spectrum of up to 4.2 GHz.