• AD9129 - Compatible data generator ad9129

    AD9129: Is there a data generator compatible with these devices?


    Yes, ADI’s Data Pattern Generator (DPG) is a bench-top instrument for driving
    vectors into Analog Devices' high-speed Digital-to-Analog converters. The DPG
  • AD9129

    Can you confirm that “output compliance range” is the DC
    (let’s say instantaneous in case of an AC signal) voltage range the output must
    stay in at any moment to preserve proper DAC operation (linearity, saturation,
    breaksown and so on)?  If so, since output…

  • AD9129 Procedure


    This is mostly to tell our story with the AD9129 but also a question we still have.

    Sometimes we got PLL lock failures and DLL loss failures, to counter this we do retries where we write the setup again.

    We tried listening on the Eval board…

  • AD9129 Issues

    I've been struggling with getting the AD9129 up and running.

    Currently, I am sweeping the phase offset in an attempt to calibrate the bus.

    I find at every setting I see one of the following:

    1) Lots of parity errors (I poll the parity error counter…

  • AD9129


    现在遇到的问题是,当外部输入采样时钟后(比如2.4G),使用官方DAC SPI配置软件配置DAC芯片后(FPGA并未烧录),直接测量DAC的输出,发现又1.2G/3.6G/4.8G等杂波,配置软件界面上显示PLL锁住,DLL未锁;当FPGA烧录程序后…

  • AD9129 widebande performance


    I want to use the AD9129 for a wideband design (20 up to 2200MHz ), in the datasheet, the figure 155 give the Pout in frequency vs theorical curves.

    - Which of the two recommended circuit is used for these figure ? (Figure 152 or Figure 154) ?

  • AD9129 data issues

    I am using the AD9129 and it looks like I’m having some data issues.

    I can read/write registers over the SPI interface, and I think I have the DAC set up the right way.

    (writing the registers per Table 16 in the data sheet and verifying them when read…

  • AD9129 widebande performance


    I am co-worker with RF_MAN.

    I would like to come back about his first problem about AD9129:

    • we think use the circuit shown in Figure 154 in MIX Mode and Normal mode. In this case what is the DAC output Response in Normal Mode  for frequencies…
  • AD9129 DLL Status

    Ad9129 appears to operational, but I'm seeing issues with the dll status.

    When I query the DLL register (0x0E) I get “0x85” which means the DLL is locked but is “sampled on incorrect phase” (bit 3).

    How do I resolve this issue…

  • AD9129-EBZ

    Hello, ADI team.

    My customer bought AD9129-EBZ by mistake to be able to evaluate AD9129 Mix-mode.

    What there is no way to evaluation AD9129 Mix-mode to use AD9129-MIX-EBZ?