• AD9125 generate sine wave problem


    I'm using the AD9125 DA to generate a sin waveform.Use a 4x Interpolation,DACCLKP 400MHZ 、REFCLKP 100MHZ the DCI CLOCK 100MHZ,

    The  AD9125 SPI configuration is as follows:


  • AD9125输出频谱异常





  • AD9125 as high-speed DAC with interpolator

    Hi All


    One of my customers is investigating direct conversion circuit by using ADI TxDAC.

    His product is FM transmitter. His circuit architecture is two steps, digital frequency modulation by FPGA and direct conversion DAC. RF output frequency is…

  • AD9125 minimum DAC rate with internal PLL

    We're using an AD9125 DAC on one of our boards, with the DAC clock being sourced from the internal PLL, locked to an 80 MHz reference. We'd like to run the DAC in 2x interpolation mode at 160 MHz, but it looks like the internal dividers in the PLL can…

  • AD9125 DAC Wake-up time after power down


    In our application the power consumption has to be low, so I want to use the power down feature of this DAC, when our transmitter is OFF. But I couldn't find the recovery time in the datasheet (The time it takes to recover from the power down mode…

  • AD9125 alias rejection using half band filters


    I'm using a common DAC clock of 370MHz, for IF generation of 70MHz and 205MHz.

    While generating the 205MHz, alias components are appearing at the output, which cannot be removed by and external discrete filter.

    I've attached a document to explain…

  • Is AD9777 is better than AD9125 in ALL cases?

    I want correct reason which DAC is better Whether AD9777 or AD9125.

  • How to synchronize multiple AD9125 when using NCO modulation?

    Hi, I'm using multiple AD9125 to generate signals at 70MHz. I use 4× Interpolation 400MHz directly for fDAC and 100MHz for fdata. Digital datapath is PREMOD HB1 NCO , HB2 HB3 bypassed. I use FIFO Rate Synchronization,the DACs output skew to vary from…

  • AD9125 for generating Complex and Real IF with complex baseband inputs


    In our application the baseband processor feeds AD9125 with baseband digital I/Q using the "WORD" mode (I/Q interleaved). Is it possible to generate complex analog I/Q as well as real IF(IF frequency requires using the NCO) with the hardware configuration…

  • Query regarding Sample Error Detection(SED) built in test in DAC AD9125

    We are using the DAC AD9125 in our hardware. In its data sheet a built in test setup named SED is specified. We have tried to use this functionality by configuring the DAC as described in the datasheet. Test data was supplied to the DAC inputs but the…