• ad9125

    Hi Community,

    Is it possible to use AD9125 IN NON-I/Q mode ?

  • AD9125 latency

    I want to use the AD9125 in byte mode and have the minimum possible latency. Is it possible to bypass all the filter/modulation steps? What is the minimum pipeline latency of this chip?

    Just to give a little context, I want to use these for the digital…

  • AD9125 question

    Dear Team, One of our customer have the next problem with DAC9125, can you please help us?

    We are using an Analog Devices AD9125 DAC.

    It is operating at 100 Msps baseband sampling frequency. We are using 8x interpolation and the coarse mixer to upconvert…

  • We have AD9125-M5372-EBZ board for evaluating DAC.Could you please support us in evaluating this DAC AD9125.We are not able to generate DAC output

    1. We are able to configure the PLL AD9516 to generate required clocks for DAC AD9125 chip( REF CLK, DAC CLK).
    2. Digital data along with clock is given through FPGA.
    3.DAC is configured through SPI using register configuration given in ACE GUI software…

  • AD9125 internal NCO

    Hello I have a development running inside a design house and I have been asked for this support:

    They are trying to use the internal NCO from the DAC to shift the frequency of the input sine wave.

    With that  it would be possible inject a sine to 7.8125Mhz…

  • AD9125 Complex Mixer


    I'm using AD9125 to generate a complex signal at 70MHz.

    Is it possible to achieve image suppression @ the O/P if I'm feeding a complex IF signal to the DAC and use the complex mixer to generate the O/P?

    From the DUC I'll generate the complex…

  • AD9125 Image Rejection

    Hello All,


    One of my customers is designing RF transmitter by using AD9125 DAC.

    His baseband frequency bandwidth is 26.6 to 45.6MHz.

    Output RF signal should be 76MHz to 95MHz.

    Clock frequency is 121.6MHz.

    HB1 Control register is set as 10 (0.6…

  • AD9125 输出 异常

    大家好,我调试AD9125的时候,输出为什么像是幅度调制了一个波形,具体如下文档所示,请各位大佬多多指教,多谢! DOCX

  • AD9125 输出异常

    大家好,我在调试AD9125的时候,输出频率是对的,但是波形像是幅度调制了,不知道问题在哪里,具体见文档,请各位大佬指教!多谢! DOCX

  • AD9125 internal VCO phase noise


    We are using AD9125 for our communication system transmitter.

    The upconversion to IF is also done using the complex mixer within the DAC.

    The reference clock to DAC ia 100MHz and we use the internal PLL to generate the internal DAC sampling clock…