• RE: DAC to use with ADL5390

    How about the AD9125?  http://www.analog.com/en/products/digital-to-analog-converters/da-converters/ad9125.html

    This is what is recommended as an alternative part of the the AD9777 webpage.

  • RE: AD9125 internal NCO

    Hi -

    At what sampling rate are you running the AD9125 DAC?

    What is the frequency of the AD9125 output signal you want to generate and is it a tone?

    Use of the NCO requires use of an I/Q pair of signals. The sampling rate of the FPGA is the DAC sampling…

  • AD9125 question

    Dear Team, One of our customer have the next problem with DAC9125, can you please help us?

    We are using an Analog Devices AD9125 DAC.

    It is operating at 100 Msps baseband sampling frequency. We are using 8x interpolation and the coarse mixer to upconvert…

  • RE: What is the approximate lock time for the internal PLL in AD9125

    Moving this question on AD9125 to the high speed DAC community.

  • Is AD9777 is better than AD9125 in ALL cases?

    I want correct reason which DAC is better Whether AD9777 or AD9125.

  • RE: AD9125 internal VCO phase noise


    What is the product longevity for AD9125?

    Do you suggest any newer device as an equivalent?


    Vishnu R.

  • RE: Dual DACs for Digitally modulated signals

    As long as you don't use the NCO, you can configure the AD9125 to operate as two separate DACs.

  • Phase dithering in TxDAC+ NCO's

    Hi all, anyone can tell me if there is phase dithering at the NCO's present in the TxDAC+ Family (AD9142A, AD9125)?

  • RE: Query regarding Sample Error Detection(SED) built in test in DAC AD9125

    We found solution to SED issue i mentioned above. We followed the procedure in AD9122 DAC datasheet. I found that the explanation is exact reverse of what analog mentioned in AD9125 DAC datasheet which we are using. Anyone can compare that Page 58(AD9122…

  • RE: AD9777: Full-Scale Output Current limit

    The AD9777 has max output current of 21 ma. We have newer parts AD9779 and AD9125 which both support output currents up to 31ma and also show IMD performance curves  at 10ma,20ma and 30ms so you can see the perforamance change with output current. The…