• how to get ad9122 reference design?


    we design the transceiver with ad9122, how to get ad9122 reference design?

    Thank you!

  • RE: FMCOMSS1 - Sending 2's complement data

    Hello Rejeesh,

    (sorry about the delay to answer;I was tied up in a project)

    You are right. By setting directly the AD9122 in 2's complement mode, I resolved the situation. In fact, I used the function ad9122_set_data_format(0) in AD9122.c and it worked…

  • RE: FMCOMMS1 DAC timming control really implemented ?

    Hi Daniel,

    You are right regarding the dac_sed() function. The problem is fixed now. Thanks for let us know.

    The ad9122_tune_dci() function:


    calibrates the AD9122…

  • RE: What are the maximum output voltage level and output current we can generate using DAC AD9122 Evaluation boards?

    Please anyone tell me the maximum output voltage given by ad9122 evaluation boards. I have read the datasheet and ad9122 evaluation boards example but no where is mention the maximum output voltage given by ad9122 evaluation boards.

    Thanks and Regar…

  • RE: AD9122 FMCCOMMS1-EBZ Reference Design


    AD9122 and AD9361 are not compatible.

    Here you can find the details and the reference designs for FMCOMMS1: http://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/user-guides/ad-fmcomms1-ebz

    and on the following location you can find a reference design for AD9122…

  • AD9122 Power domain.


    I designe a system using the AD9122.

    But i can't find a analog and digital power domain in AD9122 datasheet.

    I saw a figure that is divided into analog domain and digital domain at AD9788 datasheet.

    (show on page 11 in AD9788 datasheet)

  • RE: AD9122 on zynq ultrascale

    Now it leaves the probe function with cf_axi_dds: probe of 9c524000.cf-ad9122-core-lpc0 failed with error -1..

    It fails in ad9122.c in the ad9122_tune_dci function on the line


  • RE: Future products question

    Hi Nicholas,

    I would recommend looking at ADI's TxDACs offerings, like the AD9122. The AD9957 probably has

    more interpolation but the AD9122 sample clock is higher.

  • RE: DAC AD9744 evaluation board with DPG3

    Hello Biao.H,

    I am using the xilinx board  KCU105 to generate the Baseband signal ,and need a DAC to converter the Baseband I/Q data ,then the Analog signal  is send to the IQ modulator。

    And I am looking some DACs(such as AD9122 、AD9142A),and  have some question…

  • RE: AD9122 : Output power

    Hi Biao Huang,

    You can find below my test process on AD9122 component. On my board, I have two AD9122 components.

    1/ AD9122 components are connected to Xilinx FPGA (xc5vsx95t).

    All the data pins are always level high.

    FRAMEP = ‘0’ and FRAMEN = …