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    I use ADF4350 generate 2600MHZ LO single_end to ADL5375 , the input of I and Q for AD9122 is a constant, then generate 1MHZ NCO low sideband  to modulate a the constant  , that is , the output of AD9122 is 1MHZ single frequency ,

  • RE: Using AD9122 to generate a complex modulated signal at, say, 300 MHz center frequency

    Hi Ed,

        You can use AD9122 + ADL5375 to get 400MHz to 4G output with 70MHz bandwidth. AD9122 output center frequency depends on the configuration of NCO and HB filters. you can find the details in the datasheet. As for the output between 10MHz and 400MHz…

  • RE: AD9122 for ssb modulation

    It looks like you are feeding Data to AD9122 at 435MSPS, is this frequency fixed or does it change? The AD9122 has Phase and amplitude adjustment you needed.

    What output frequency IF are you trying to come out of the AD9122 with. Are you using the interpolation…

  • How to interface AD9122-M5372-EBZ with Zynq ZC702?. I am new to AD9122 and ZC702.

    I have been trying to interface DAC AD9122-M5372-EBZ with Zynq ZC702. I find quick guide


    and reference designed for ML605 with AD9122

  • RE: Can I use AD9122 Evaluation Board (AD9122-M5372-EBZ) without DPG2

    Try this link for an example of how to use the AD9122 eval board with something other than the DPG2.


  • Some soldered jumpers on the AD9122 Evalboard are not as per default settings mentioned in User Guide

    Some soldered jumpers on the AD9122 Evalboard are not as per default settings
    mentioned in User Guide


    Yes, there is an error in the User Guide (page 4).

    The AD9122-M5375-EBZ and the AD9122-M5372-EBZ Evalboard User Guide states JP17…
  • RE: How to handle REFCLKP/REFCLKN and unused pins(DACCLKP/DACCLKN)?

    Assuming that you are asking AD9122, right?

    1.  left floating.

    2.  Yes. Refer AD9122 EVB schematic.

  • how to get ad9122 reference design?


    we design the transceiver with ad9122, how to get ad9122 reference design?

    Thank you!

  • Maximum Bandwidth AD9122 Suports

    What is the Maximum input data rate the AD9122 can handle and what is the maximum bandwidth the AD9122 can support?