• AD9122-M5375-EBZ Harmonics at 90MHz

    Can you explain why I see harmonics at 90Mhz when the Data , DCI and Frame
    inputs are all floating?


    This is expected and normal. The FIFO in the AD9122 serves as an interface
    between the two clock domains inside of the DAC, the DCI domain and…

  • DAC AD9122 and AD-FMCJESDADC1-EBZ wrt external trigger

    wrt the  DAC AD9122.

    “in datasheet of AD-FMCJESDADC1-EBZ there’s a information that external trigger
    can be used. However there’s no information how it works and how to use it.”

    The connects board mentioned above with KC705…

  • Some soldered jumpers on the AD9122 Evalboard are not as per default settings mentioned in User Guide

    Some soldered jumpers on the AD9122 Evalboard are not as per default settings
    mentioned in User Guide


    Yes, there is an error in the User Guide (page 4).

    The AD9122-M5375-EBZ and the AD9122-M5372-EBZ Evalboard User Guide states JP17
    JP6 and…

  • Ad9122 data input

    1、Do N data input port and P data input port of ad9122 control IOUTN and IOUTP respectively?

    2、Is the IQ signal to be set up separately in FPGA, or only one channel of data will be created, and the data will be automatically divided into I channel and Q ch…

  • 有关AD9122温度传感器读取数据问题


  • AD9122 DDS phase


    I'm testing a custom board based on fmcomms 1 and ZED. my application is sfcw ranging. i have below questions........
    the customization is instead of two adf4351, im using a single adf5355 to generate both tx and rx LOs.

    1. Does the DDS start with…

  • RE: AD9122 Interpolating Filter Coefficients


    Assumed that his has been answered offline. Please let us know if this is not the case.

  • RE: AD9121/AD9122 Evaluation Board (AD9121-M5375-EBZ) Output Noise

    Hi Bstnlu, 

       I do not think that is caused by the pre-mod  setting.  For the clock source,  on the datasheet page6, there is DAC clock input spec requirement,  pls measure the DAC  clock pin to see if it meets the spec.     

        recommend to do:   disconnect with…